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Monday, February 8, 2010

Yehuda Levin

I live in the New York area, yesterday as I was setting my alarm clock I ran across accidently a radio show (I never listen to radio shows) of Jewish station that had on it a Rabbi that sounded familar. I listened for a while and I realized who it was, they had Rabbi Yehuda Levin.

If you do not know who Levin is, he has a channel on YouTube called GodReignOverUs. I first learned about him a long while ago by watching YouTube videos that eventually brought me to his channel. Basically, he is a Jewish version of Pat Robertson. This is this latest video: Just like Pat Robertson he blames horrible disasters on homosexuality. He just does not get into as much as trouble because he is not as well known as Robertson.

Guess what he was talking about on the radio? Homosexuals! This is his favorite topic. I am beginning to think that perhaps he is projecting his own homosexual desires on other people so that he would not have to confront them. But anyway, I was not surprised. The moment I realized it was him I knew he was soon going to start talking about the homosexuals. I was not mistaken. He never talks about anything else.

He also brought up Joe Lieberman. Rabbi Levin said that Lieberman is a chillul hashem for the Jewish community. As much as I do not like Joe Lieberman, I have to say, no he is not! Not from what I have seen about Lieberman, granted I do not watch him but from what I seen he is not creating a chillul hashem (cleary, there is no such thing as a chillul hashem to begin with, I am using this phrase here referring to making Jewish people look bad in front of the people). And even if I am wrong and Lieberman is a chillul hashem, he is nowhere near the level of chillul hashem brought forth by you, Yehuda Levin, you are a myraid of times more numerous in your chillul hashem. It is because of people like you that many people have developed a hatred for the Jewish people. If you want to learn how to prevent chillul hashem then you should learn how to tie a noose.

There is one positive thing I have to say about Rabbi Levin. His version of Judaism is far more consistent than the version practiced by the reform, liberal, and even conservative Jews. I have no doubt that if instead of Orthodox Jews we had in the world reform and liberal Jews then it would have been much better. These kinds of Jews are nice people and show caring for their fellow man. However, their version of Judaism are not consistent. What the reform and liberal Jews do (and conservatives to an extent) is wishful thinking. They have an approach to Judaism they would like to follow and base their Judaism around that approach. This approach comes from within themselves and they try to use the Gemara or Torah to justify it. But the consistent way to practice Judaism is exactly like Rabbi Levin. Look into the Torah, read the Gemaras, read the commentaries on these books, listen to what these 'scholars' have to say, and approach Judaism that way. Yehuda Levin makes many Jews embarrased with being Jews because he presents Judaism that way it really is.

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