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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Defending the Wicked Part 3: Racist Jokes

I am not going to argue why there is nothing wrong with racist jokes or racist terms, like "nigger". I am going to argue more than that, I will argue that people who say racist jokes and racist terms are actually doing a good service for humanity.

The first thing I want to say is that there is no such thing as a racist joke or a racist term. There are only racist people who say racist things. Blaming racism on words or terms is like blaming murder on guns and not on people who used the guns in murder. You are focusing on the wrong thing when you focus on racist words or racist jokes. All what jokes are is just a string of sounds together, and that is it. A string of sounds together cannot be racist. It is only the meaning that is attached to them that is implied by people that can be termed racist or not. Let us take the word "nigger" for example. There is nothing wrong in and of itself with the word "nigger", it is the racist who says this word that you need to be concerned about. It is possible that there existed civilizations in the past who used the word "nigger" in their vocabulary, they were not racist because of that, because the usage was completely different. There are black people and even sometimes white people who call themselves "nigger", they do not do so to insult one another, but do so because they use it as a friendly greeting. These people are not racist, in fact the way they use the word is completely well intentioned. Therefore, from now own I will say "race based jokes" and "race based expressions" because there are no racist jokes and there are no racist expressions, only people.

So why then are people insulted by the word "nigger" or other race based terms? The answer is very simple, they were taught to be insulted by them. The feeling of insult was learned in these people, not something that was innate in them. Let me explain what I mean to make it clearer. If I punch you in the face or steal your money you will feel insulted and angry. That is not something that you had to learn, that is innate in your personality. There is no way how someone can hear "nigger" and feel insulted. The feeling of insult must have been learned. What probably happened is that the father taught the boy that the word "nigger" is a bad naughty word that can never be used, and if someone ever uses that word you must be angry and stay away from people like that. This is an example of a learned insult. It is just like the word YAHWEH. No Jewish person has it innate in himself to be insulted when people say YAHWEH, rather Jewish people are taught not to say it because God will get angry.

There are two approaches that people use to relieve people from being insulted from race based expressions and race based jokes. One approach is known as sensitivity training. That is when you teach people to refrain from using race based terms. This is exactly what political correctness is about. The paradox of this approach is that it induces racism in people. Think about it. If you are taught to refer to different races of people in different contexts because you are part of a different group then you begin to see the world in terms of groups rather than individuals. If you are a white person and you describe a black person not as "black" but as "African American" then the thought process that goes on in your mind is as follows: "I am a white person, since I am not black, and he is black, I have to refer to him in a politically correct manner, and therefore say African American". This is the kind of thought that divides people into groups. Because you are no longer seeing an individual who you describe through the adjective "black", but now you see groups of people that you are taught to refer to them in a sensitive manner. This is the big irony of sensitivity training and political correctness, it was designed to make people more accepting of one another but what it does is teach people to see the world in terms of groups rather than individuals.

The other problem with sensitivity training is that it has the kindergarten mentality of dirty words. You teach people there are some dirty words that cannot be said. And what you create, in effect, is a word that has a power that it never had before. If you say that "nigger" must be avoided and can never be said you are giving a word power that it never had before. A word that is refrained from speaking has power that it never had before, which is why YAHWEH is such a powerful word in Judaism while Adonai is not as powerful, while Hashem has no power at all. People (*cough* *cough* fascists *cough*) who want to ban the word "nigger" are creating their own paradox. They say that "nigger" is a terrible word and we need to remove from it the negative effect that is has, therefore, they conclude we need to get rid of the word. No! They got the whole thing backwards. If you ban a word then you are giving it power that it never had before, exactly what they were trying to avoid in the first place.

The second approach you usually never hear but it is the direct opposite approach of insensitivity training. Insensitivity training is based on the understanding that insult from race based terms is learned, therefore to relieve people from insult they have to unlearn their feeling of insult. Instead of teaching people to be sensitive of other people's feelings, which fails for the above reasons, you teach people not to give any of magical power to race based terms. Thus, "nigger" is a word that is encouraged to be said in insensitivity training because it teaches all people to stop looking at the word with the same power that it had before. The more you use a word the less powerful it becomes. South Park made a good episode about this when on one of their episodes they used the word "shit" uncensored over 150 times. The point of the entire episode was to show how that words lose their power the more they are said, and it is rather the kindergarten mentality of adults who want to suppress words that give them that kind of power. South Park also made another good point with an episode about the word "fag". They simply redirected the word "fag" from homosexuals to people who ride around in loud Harley's and bother everyone with the noise. The point of the episode is words are simply whatever we choose them to mean, if "fag" is insulting to homosexuals then maybe we should just redirect that word for people who drive around in Harley motorcycles and insult them because those kind of people deserve to be insulted. Insensitivity training is exactly what will make people lose the feeling of insult they have from race based jokes and race based expressions. Insensitivity training develops a shield around you from all these words so that they never bother you once. Penn and Teller had an episode on this topic here if you want to see more.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are among the my hated people in the US. Their entire career is to create conflict between different groups of people, that is how they earn money. The people who actually contribute to breaking up racial tensions are the racist comedians. The ones who say jokes about race constantly. You might complain and say how insulting their are. But the racist comedian is actually a hero and not a villain. He teaches people to stop being so sensitive and grow a penis. He is the one who removes the negative connotations to words that we magically give to them. And it is the racist comedian who is actually heroic in this instance. So for the sake of ending racism let us all loudly say "nigger".

Here are some of my favorite race based jokes. Tell me your favorites in the comment sections.

1)What is the difference between a kike and a pizza? The pizza does not scream when you put it into an oven.

2)What are niggers good at basketball? Because the game is about running, shooting, and stealing.

3)Why did Hitler kill himself? Because he saw the gas bill.

4)A fag and a spic jump off a bridge, who hit the ground first? Who care?


  1. It's really very entertaining see how smoothly you can transition back and forth from smart and insightful to utterly idiotic.

  2. "It's really very entertaining see how smoothly you can transition back and forth from smart and insightful to utterly idiotic.":

    Yes, why bother explain why I mess up in my reasoning in the post if you can just say that I do? It makes it so much easier to refute some of my points without having a reason to refute them.

  3. I wasn't trying to argue your points, just remarking that I genuinely find the contrast to be quite amusing.

    I have no interest in getting into a discussion about these issues and it doesn't bother me in the slightest that people have what I consider to be flawed views.

  4. You can deconstruct anything. You can deconstruct gender. It is the system of power beneath it that makes it so powerful. Same for race. If (I assume you are a man), I could deconstruct it so that you are NOT a man. French philosophers have been at this sense before you were born. It's easy. But in everyday life, you know you are a man. Why? You are reminded, constantly. Same with race. It's the POWER structure behind it, and those seeking to uphold that ancient and horrible system. All your work does it justify the inhumane status quo. Thanks for your blog, but perhaps read a book on power structures in society and race issues before displaying your de-railing ignorance to others. I know I've read about 20 of them...of various opinions. I challenge you to do the same, sir...or m'am...or..person.

    1. *since
      "The enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge".