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Monday, September 13, 2010

My Favorite YouTube Channels

I prefer to watch things on YouTube rather than on TV. Here are some of my favorite channels that I like to watch. Maybe you would like them too.

TheAmazingAtheist: This is my ALL time favorite YouTuber. I have been watching him for years, I remember watching him when he was still not popular (now he is the biggest atheist on YouTube, not just in size, but in most number of subscribers, he overtook Pat Condell quite a while ago). He is also important to me because he has influenced me in many ways, more than anyone else on YouTube. His main channel can be found here. However, due to restrictions on YouTube he has been suspended and a lot of his videos have been taken down. You can find some of his earlier (and much better) videos here, here, and here. There are probably like a total of 800 videos, and most of them are better than porn.

Let me link you over to some of his videos so that you do not need to search around. These are some of my favorites that he did, perhaps you like them as much as I did: here, here, here, and here.

Stefan Molyneux: Stef is an anarchist philosopher on YouTube. He has got some fame, I see that some Wikipedia articles now even mention him. I do have some problems with him. First of all his is a moralist and though an atheist still mantains this silly idea of objective morality. Second he is not a determinist. This issue would be irrelevant to political philosophy but since Stef likes to call himself a philosopher before an anarchist it is important to state this flaw in him because it is silly for someone who calls himself a philosopher to hold on to the concept of non-deterministic will. Other than these issues and some others that I do not want to get into now he is good at advocating the message of liberty. You can find his channel here.

Here are some of my favorite videos that he did: here, here, and here.

FringeElements: Some homo anarchist moral nihilist kid on YouTube. He likes to focus on a purely economic argument against the state rather than philosophical ones. This is his second account because his original one got banned, not sure why though. Some of his early videos were reuploaded under different accounts. The channel is here.

Here are some of my favorites: here, here and here.

DeistPaladin: This is an interesting take on religion. Rather than rejecting religion through the use of science and skepticism, this person (who is actually a deist) uses the Bible itself to refute itself. His Skeptic Bible Study series is great. I think this approach may have more effects on deconverting people than the standard skepticism approach. You can find his channel here. Here is a great video: here.

Laci: I guess I need to mention a girl too because otherwise someone accuses me of being a sexist. I do not really have girls I like to watch on YouTube but the only one that I enjoyed was LaciGreen/GoGreen. One of her channels is made for atheism (the GoGreen one), but I do not like her style, way too emotional and hippish. And her other channel is just random non-sense that sometimes gets funny. You can find her channels here and here.

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