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Friday, January 28, 2011

I am God

People constantly seek something "greater than themselves". For some people it is to stick to a religion, in where they are part of a greater whole, serving a powerful being that is greater than them. For others it is to stick to their nation, as something greater than them, develop pride and love to their nation, in terms of nationalism, to feel safe and secure that they are part of a greater whole. For the ones who reject religion for its superstition and irrationality still feel the void of being part of a greater whole. So they make the universe or Nature as their own God, it appeases them to think they are part of a greater entity themselves known as Nature. And there are those who make their beliefs objective, either the belief of objective purpose, or morals, or goals, those who pursue these beliefs make themselves feel that they are part of a greater whole.

I have rejected those answers! That is the philosophy of the weak. It is the mind of a slave to make himself part of something greater than himself. I do not need a God. I do not need anything greater than myself. I am God! Instead I make myself the greatest. I do not need a master over my own life, I am my own master. Nor do I make myself a master over others. The others can become strong also by making themselves their own masters. We can all be our own master. We can all become strong. I am the greatest human who exists. I have killed God, and in the process, became a God myself. Let us look for a day when the world consists of the strong and powerful men rather than the weak and the pathetic.


  1. The strong come up with their own idea rather than plagiarizing those of others. You are the palest thinnest imitation of Nietzsche ever.

    Strong? Ha ha ha. The strong have no need of boasting and blather. They just do, they don't write self indulgent shit like this.

  2. "The strong come up with their own idea rather than plagiarizing those of others.":

    If we were to stick to only purely original ideas, hardly any ideas will ever be formed. We are all inspired by someone. You might be inspired by Judaism, the mentality of the weak and slavish, while I am inspired by Nietzsche, the mentality of the strong and free.

    I have never heard anyone compare themselves to God. I have never heard anyone criticize the ideas of looking up to something greater than themselves as for the weak. I admit that I am inspired by Nietzsche to write such a post, but there is a tiny percentage here of some originality.

    Plagarism is when I steal someone else's work as my own. When I recite someone else's work, that is not plagasism if I do not claim credit.

    Ideas need to be spread around. And it is not plagarism to spread ideas around. Plagarism occurs only when people claim to be the originator of those ideas.

    Milton Friedman made a good point when he said that if somebody is plagarizing your ideas, good! It means they must be working.

  3. Do you want to have children?

  4. "Do you want to have children?":

    There are two ways to get a child. Other have one with a girlfriend/wife or otherwise adopt one.

    As far as having my own kid. I do not really want to have my own kid. I will need to find myself a spouse. That is really hard to do for me. Besides I do not want to be in a relationship with anyone. Even if I wanted to, I doubt I can achieve it. But I do not even want to. And I also think to myself what she (or he) would think of me. I also cannot imagine someone looking at me, with my terrible personality, with my repulsive appearance, and thinking to themselves "wow I really want him".

    So I can adopt. In fact I would rather adopt because adoption seems more responsible considering how many unwanted children there are in the world right now. I can actually be a good father. But as of now I have no plans to adopt any children. So for the time being the answer to your question is "no".

  5. so it's just you and your fleshlight, eh?

  6. "so it's just you and your fleshlight, eh?"

    Yes. What does this have anything to do with this post though?

  7. Having children=>making oneself subservient to them

  8. "Having children=>making oneself subservient to them.":

    Okay I see what you mean. But I have no problem helping people even if it means you do something to serve them. You are doing it our of your own desire to help another. Your will is still in control, it was your own desire to help someone else. A master over you tells you what to do.

  9. That may be a good attitude for doing people favors in general, but for raising children methinks it's not a good idea.

  10. For one thing you are a mortal and therefore not God by definition. No matter how much you want to live forever, you will die in the end.

    Secondly, you are a part of something bigger than yourself. You are apart of the universe and reality. You are dependent on so many things, like oxygen, food and energy from the sun. You are not powerful compared to the planet earth itself (which you are dependent on)

  11. "For one thing you are a mortal and therefore not God by definition. No matter how much you want to live forever, you will die in the end.":

    Do you know what metaphorical language is?