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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New New Year's Message

Every year I happen to hear people tell me, "have a happy new year". But it never comes truth. I am just as lonely as I always been. None of their wishes and positive thoughts ever affect my life. How could it? How can simply wishing for something affect the future of the universe? As rational people we understand that there is no such thing as wishing. There is no such thing as making a positive future by simply wanting there to be one. Sure, religious people believe in that, but they are just stupid. Rational people do not believe in such superstitions. So why say it? Only one reason. To make people feel better about the future. To make people unafraid to enter the next year, the undiscovered country.

But I am against this message. It is false. It is a lie. Saying that a religious person is happier than an atheist is not different from saying that a drunk man is happier than a sober one. I refuse to make myself believe in something which I know to be false even if it makes me feel happier.

Every year people sit down to celebrate the passing of the current year and the coming of the new year. Just two days later they find out how truly "awesome" this new year is. Why should I believe this will be different?

Instead I have a different message. Something which is meaningful and true. Rather than pretending to have a happy year accept your misery that will haunt you this year. Accept your misery, suffering, depression, loneliness, horror, fear, tragedy, and challenges. And conquer them. Because that is how people grow. People do not grow by living happy easy lives but by living challenging lives of hardship that they came to overcome. You do not become tall by walking vallies but by walking mountains. He who climbeth on the highest mountains, laugheth at all tragic plays and tragic realities. To give birth to a dancing star one must have chaos within oneself. What does not kill you will only make you stronger.

So I do not wish you a happy new year. Fuck that. Instead, overcome your horrors and tragedies of the future by your will to power, so that you can become a super-man.

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