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Friday, April 23, 2010

Feminism Sucks Part 5: Psychology

Life is not a game of chess. Players do not start out with the same equal conditions and have to attain victory by playing correctly. Life is a game of poker where everyone is dealt cars which are different from everyone else. Some players have terrible cards, some have average hands, a few of them have even strong cards. To be a good poker player one must learn to play with the cards that he is dealt. There are players that play foolishly with a strong hand and lose with a weak hand. Great poker players can win with many different set of hands, both good and bad. Life is similar to this game of poker. We are all different. To become succesful in life we need to know how to play with what we have been dealt with. But what one cannot do in poker, if we wishes to be succesful at the game, is assume that all other players have the same cards that he has, that kind of mentality leads to failure in poker. The same with life. If we want to become succesful in life one important realization that we must have is that we have limitations. We are different from everyone else. We cannot do whatever we wish to achieve and we are distinct from everyone around us. People are not equal. Some are born very smart, some are born very dumb. Some are born beautiful, some are physically repulsive. Some are strong, some are disabled. And some are smart, handsome, and strong, like myself, but are not very humble about it. There are so many different combinations that exist from person to person.

For many people thinking of life as a poker game is a depressing way to look at the world. It is unfair why some people are born with talents above other people. What did these people do to deserve these talents? It is unfair. And so for many people it is depressing to compare life to poker, they would rather want to compare it to chess. In chess where everyone is equal to start out with, the chess version of life is fair. Thus, as a result, many ideologies came to pass, that reflect this chess version of life in which there can be equality and fairness. In particular, what is important for our discussion, the ideology of feminism.

I am of course talking about modern feminism. Feminism, how it was in the past, emerged not because it tried to make life a chess game, but because women simply wanted to have the same equal opportunity as everyone else. With this original feminist goal achieved feminism can now die a peaceful death. But this was not the case. Feminism needed a new reason to stay alive, to resurrect itself from beyond the grave. And thus was the birth of modern feminism, as it is present today. It has completely different goals than seeking opportunity for women. It now represents the chess version of life.

I wrote back here about what is the psychology of religious Jews. I explained that truth is not the motive for religious Jews to stay or become religious Jews, they have a completely different psychological reason. The same is the case with feminism. Women of today do not become feminists because they are concerned about the truth nor are they concerned about justice (if you read my previous posts that should be clear at this point). They become feminists because feminism offers them a comfortable 'philosophy'. A 'philosophy' that preaches equality and fairness. A 'philosophy' that says that whatever inequalities or unfairness that exists in the world is not the results of what the world is but rather what we made the world to be. We have made the world unequal and unfair. Feminism is a way to bring back equality and fairness. Feminism attracts women because it tells women that everyone is the same to one another, it is all equal. This is why feminists are attracted towards feminism; like a religion which promises afterlife, feminism is attractive to many of its followers by preaching equality and fairness. This is also why feminists are often supported by people on the left-wing, the left-wing is usually attracted to the chess version of life as well, and so it is natural for them to support feminists.

In the past, 500 years ago, when people spoke out against religion they were called "heretics". The terms "heresy" and "blashphemy" were used as words to silence opposition. Today these words have lost their power, they no longer mean what they used to mean with as much power. However, these heretical words of the past are replaced by modern age words. Those are "sexist" and "racist" and "intolerant" and "homophobe" and so forth. Anyone who dares challenge the chess version of life is called one of those words. The word "sexist", a beloved feminist term for heresy, is used to silence opposition. You see if I was in a debate with a feminist, what she would eventually do is say that I am a "sexist". What the implicit strategy of this feminist is, is to silence my opposition to feminism, it is to implicity make everyone else aware that they cannot listen to me because I am a "sexist" and therefore I am "intolerant".

Truth is not afraid of debate. Truth does not depend on he who speaketh it, be he virtuous or vile. Truth invites debate and discussion. Those who seek the truth shall not be silenced by opposition. However, those who do not seek the truth, those who rather believe in comforting ideas, do not invite debate or opposition. They are afraid. They are uncomfortable as the religious people are afraid of the heretic who dares to challenge them. Thus, they need a way to silence their opponents. In the case of feminism it is to use the words "sexism" and "discrimination" at any opportunity that presents itself to use such words.

This is the psychology of a feminist whether she admits it or not. This is what goes through her mind, the belief that all is equal and fair in reality. A belief that cannot be challenged by others, lest they are "intolerant".

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