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Friday, April 30, 2010

It is Just Your Opinion

"It is just you opinion", "It is just your hypothesis", how many times have you heard this dreadful criticism from someone after you give your point-of-view? Yes, it is just my opinion. You know what else is also my opinion? It is also my opinion that psychics are fake. It is also my opinion that horoscopes are wrong. It is also my opinion that you should not gamble with lots of money that you need. It is also my opinion that free speech is worth protecting. All of those are my opinions, that does not make them wrong. When Darwin wrote the Origin of Species that was "just his opinion". When Issac Newton wrote the Principia that was "just his opinion". When Albert Einstein published the theory of relativity that was "just his opinion". What kind of response is "it is just your opinion", or "you are just forming your own hypothesis"? I tell you what kind of a response that it. It is a response of a retard. A response from a person who is unable to refute anything of what you say so the only thing he is able to do is say "well that is just your opinion".

I agree, it is "just my opinion". But that does not make it wrong. Especially when I can defend my opinion quite well. All ideas that we now take as true have been opinions at one time or another. One who criticizes another person by saying "well that is just your opinion" is an enemy of intellectual progress. Because before we can find out what is true or not we need to form our opinions and battle our ideas out together before we can find a definitive way to show that one view is correct.

What do you want me to do? Put on a lab coat, write "PhD" next to my name and show you some fancy pie charts statistics? Because that if what sadly seems to convince people, having a well reasoned argument does not convince them.

And the same thing with the response that I hear from these retards when they tell me, "everyone is entitled to their opinion". How am I supposed to respond to something like that? That is so stupid beyond belief that I have no idea how to respond to something like that. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion, not everyone is entitled to have their opinions respected.

The next time someone says "it is just your opinion" or "everyone is entitled to their opinion", please stay away from them. They are enemies of intelligence. Where did this attack on human reason even come from? I am blaming college. That is the only place that I can imagine that can make people to think in such a dumb way. The one place which is supposed to be the marketplace of ideas turns out being the place that kills creative ideas because "everybody got an opinion and we have to realize we just have one opinion among many".

Sit on my middle finger, whoever you are, who criticizes me for "just having an opinion". Better yet go kill yourself. You are worthless to the human species. Kill yourself to improve our gene pool.


  1. Once again, you're missing a level.
    Anyone can have an opinion. You are certainly entitled to have any opinions you want and I am entitled to mine. I don't have to agree with yours and vice versa but as long as your opinion isn't something along the line of that I need a bullet between my eyes, I can live with you having your opinion.
    But then there are two kinds of opinion. In the scientific world, what I just wrote does NOT apply. You can have an opinion that there are 12 ways that carbon and hydrogen bond. Well there's only 10 and that can be scientifically proven so your opinion would be wrong. That's one of the beauties of the scientific method.
    On the other hand, who started World War 2? Is Pink Floyd the greatest rock band ever? What's a great flavour of ice cream? For all these there is no right answer because you cannot apply the scientific method to them. In this case you might like neopolitan and I might like double chocolate. Neither of us is wrong.
    So when someone says "that's your opinion" it depends what they're talking about. In politics, everyone gets one but when it's something that can be validated, it's not necessarily so. Perhaps you should differentiate between the two.

  2. You are confusing an opinion based on truth and a preference. The kind of food that we like is irrelevant to my discussion. I am not talking about preferences. I am talking about trying to find out what is true or not.

    Before some definitive answer can be made we need to start forming opinions. There can some excellent opinions that have a lot of intelligence put into them. We should never think of all opinions are equal. Some are superior and they cannot be simply rejected for being opinions.

    Your question of who started World War 2 is a terrible example. You cannot compare that to the kind of food you like. That question is something that is a question of truth, not preference, and can be approached in some intelligent way to answer it. The scientific method cannot be used but it is still a question that has some answer to it.

    If I say "Germany was responsible for World War 2" and another person says "it were the evil aliens from Mars who started the war" that does not make our opinions equal. One is absolutely retarded while the other is reasonable. The retard is entitled to have his opinion, but I am probably correct.

  3. It is my opinion that your opinions would be taken more seriously if you did not use the word "retard."

  4. > am not talking about preferences. I am talking about trying to find out what is true or not.

    That was my point. It's not clear from your post that you make that differtiation. Of course aliens starting WW2 would be a ridiculous opinion to have.

  5. " It is my opinion that your opinions would be taken more seriously if you did not use the word retard.";

    What word should I use? Should I try to sound politically correct? Sorry, but I do not speak that language, it is too brian numbing. If a person says something stupid I will call him a retard for that, and I have no problem being called a retard myself if I say something stupid. Do not worry, real retarded people are not offended by the word "retard", they are too retarded to realize that insult.

    Let me give you an tip for being taken more seriously. When you make a hard statement, without saying "I believe" or "T think" or "It is my opinion" excessively too much, you sound way more confident, and you are much more likely to be taken seriously. Whenever you try to add "it is my opinion" in the beginning it lowers your confidence levels.