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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Feminism Sucks Part 8: Conclusion

Now boys and girls I have completed nearly everything that I wanted to say regarding feminism. Almost everything, there is just one more thing I want to bring up, and I make it quick. Feminists support a quota on the number of people applied in certain jobs and universities. That is sexism. It is judging the virtues of a person not on his own individual accomplishments, but on his sex. Feminism is a sexist 'philosophy' not to mention that it is again not based on equality of opportunity but equality of results.

In my posts I have demonstrated the following issues regarding feminism. It is sexist, it is for distribution of equal results, it is for special privledges for women over men, it is contradictory to science, it rejects reality for a view on life that is more feel good, it fails to understand basic economics, it is contrary to freedom, it restricts choices of certain women who have "low" jobs, it violates freedom of speech, and in some radical cases is entirely rooted in hatred of men. Furthermore, the policies that feminists want to implement often harm women by unintended consequences. Therefore, ironically, feminism is anti-woman.

I summarize feminism as, "an evil pseudo-scientific world view that is for giving women special privledges over men which in some cases is even derived from man hating". Most people would find my statement unfair, and "intolerant", but I have given my case for everything I said in my one line summary of feminism. I did not just pull this statement out of my anus, I have done my best to justify it in a reasonable manner.

I also claim that feminism is more evil than the KKK. I have three reasons for saying this. First, feminists hate about 50% of the world, the KKK hate gays, Jews, and blacks, which accounts to about, I am guessing here, 10% of the world. Whatever, the number is unimportant, it is definitely not 40%. In the future, I will give a lecture on something known as the "inclusion-exclusion principle" and explain how to compute this percentage. This is all unimportant for us at the moment, what is important is that feminists hate more people than the KKK. Second, the KKK are a do nothing group. They just sit around have their own meetings and talk about white nationalist pride. They do not try to impose laws or restrictions on anyone else. They do not impose speech codes, and they do not try to limit the freedom of the people. They do not use the state for their own evil desires. Third, and this is most important, the KKK do not pretend that they are virtuous. Feminists love to make themselves look like virtuous people and many people have the perception of feminists as virtous people. The KKK are honest about their views. They are a hate group and they do not hide it. They openly admit it. Feminists hide their true intentions. These three reasons are enough to show that feminists are more evil than the KKK. Thus, the well-known pun "feminazi" about feminists, is justified.

I have also in the past referred to feminism as a "religion": here. The way I defined religion is as a set of beliefs such that: (i) it has a final goal, (ii) creates a set of morals for living one's live, (iii) it has a strong emotional attachment to the believer, (iv) if challenged by reason or empiricism it shall not give way. Everything I have said revealed these four points. Feminism is pseudo-scientific, this satisfies the (iv) condition. Feminism has a final goal, ultimate liberation of women, that is (i). Feminism has a set of morals that make people live a certain way by teaching women to see the world all in terms of sexism and discrimination, so that is (ii). And it has a strong emotional attachment to a woman, because the psychology of feminists are based on feel good feelings and rarer conditions - hatred. Therefore, it follows by definition of "religion" that feminism is a religion itself. Like all religions it can be dangerous. Beware of feminism.

Now I want to attach videos that are related to feminism. They have even more content that argue against feminism. Feminism is dead. We have killed it.
Link 1
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Link 8 (Thomas Sowell!)
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