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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Gay, College and Yeshivish Voice

This post is probably going to offend a lot of people because it is nothing but stereotyping. But as I said many times before, stereotyping is often based on some truth despite how strongly some people try to ignore it as always a fallacy. Stereotypes should not be used as some sort of measure for determining truth, that is where the problem is, but they can be used to make a general statement.

The stereotype I want to concentrate on is the pitch of gay men. I am sure you know what I mean by that. Gays sometimes have high pitched voices. If you watched the Jewish version of "It Gets Better" on YouTube then you will see what I am talking about. Many (most) of the gay Jews in that video have this kind of voice.

I want to make it clear that I got no problem with high pitched voices. I actually like them. They sound very calming and relaxing. Gay men with high pitched voices have pleasant sounding voices. I have a gay friend, oh my Science, he is so hot, who has a slightly gay voice. He of course denies it. But it is apparent to anyone. And I think it sounds hot.

The stereotypical gay voice does sound feminine, but so what? Why should men have to choose a life of doing the stereotypical guy stuff like fixing cars and shooting? Men never chose to be men, it was an accident of birth, so they do not need to do what men are expected to know how to do and expected to behave.

My question is from whence does this voice come from? Is it something innate in gays? Do homos have a certain gene in them that modifies their vocals to make them sound more feminine? Or do they learn how to speak in the feminine manner? Nobody seems to have an answer to this question. I have asked this question to many people before but nobody seems to know about the origin of this feminine voice.

I was in university some time ago. I overheard a guy speaking with a friend of his on his cell phone. When I heard him speak I immediately thought to myself, "obviously gay", from his high-pitched voice. It turned out I was correct because his conversation sounded like he was arguing with his boyfriend. So these stereotypes, as much as some people try to make you stop using them, are based on elements of truth. I really want to know why this high-pitched male voice is often associated with homos.

The other kind of voice that sounds like the gay voice but is a little different and it does bother me. It is the college voice. I seem to have a talent for figuring out which people go to college and which do not from simply listening to how they speak. The college voice, that I am referring to, is not always high-pitched like the homo's. But it can be. The pitch of the voice is not a main feature of the college voice stereotype. The college voice is characterized by a very submissive tone.

The tone of lacking confidence in what you say. The tone of someone who is not sure of himself. That is what the college voice is. The college voice tries to sound as polite and as politically correct as possible. It also avoids making any bold and absolute statements.

The college voice never simply states its opinion, it needs to declare it for everyone so that everyone knows that what about to be stated is an opinion. For example, the stereotypical college speaker would not say, "what Israel did during the war was evil". No, that would be too bold of a statement. He does not have the courage to say that. Rather he will say, "In my opinion, Israel could have used less force in defending itself".

The word "actually" is a favorite used word for those who speak in the college submissive tone. If you ask the stereotypical college student, "what courses are you taking this semester". He will likely respond by saying "Actually, I am taking ... ". The word "actually" is attached to almost every sentence. You can sometimes hear a college student speak in paragraphs with many actually's thrown around.

The college voice does bother me. Because it is brain numbing. And it is a complete lack of confidence. If you cannot take what you say seriously then how can I? But the source of the college voice I can understand. In college people learn about how everybody has an opinion and how equal their opinions are to one another. This is the kind of attitude that turns people into intellectual weaklings. Hence the reason for the stereotypical college voice.

The last kind of voice to consider is the yeshivish voice. The yeshivish voice has confidence and makes absolute statements. It sounds very sure of itself. But it is just plain stupid. It is stupid in that it never acknowledges the differing position. The yeshivish kind of a voice would say, "the Darwinists are really stupid because they think a monkey can give birth to a person". They will keep on saying this no matter how often they are corrected. You can tell them that those who acccept the theory of evolution say that life evolves slowly over time and many generations. The next day or the next sentence they will ignore entirely what you said and insist that the theory of evolution says that monkeys give birth to people. Basically, the yeshivish voice is similar to the Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter voice. I want to show to video that demonstrates what I am saying. It was the first interview Bill O'Reilly had with Richard Dawkins. You can see it here. This is the yeshivish voice, just ignore all the points the other person says and keep on talking.


  1. Nice analysis.
    In my opinion (excuse my college voice!! :(
    gays do not sound feminine, they sound exxaggeratedly feminine. They seem to be using only a small percentage of their natural range.
    Way back there was a study that claimed that men do not use a percentage of their natural range. Bet it correlates with the percentage the gay men are using!
    Women, it seems, are the freeest.

    I've rarely had much to do with Israeli gay men but I don't think they do the effeminate voice thing. Must be the army thing. Anyone else ever take note?

    you put my finger on why i hate college. I love doign the work but hate going to class.

  2. This is why Matheamitcs > Humanities.

  3. Damn. I'm forgetting how to spell. Mathematics > Humanities.

  4. "This is why Mathematics > Humanities.":

    I do not understand, because mathematicians do not sound gay when they talk?

  5. No, because they don't need to speak with the all-opinions-are-equal uncertainty of the college student.