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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Problem with Environmentalists and Vegetarians

Vegetarians and environmentalists are often hated for what they believe by people opposed to them. It seems that the main reason why many non-vegetarians hate vegetarians is because vegetarians are holier than everyone else. The non-vegetarian is insulted by the holiness the vegetarian presents on himself. This is the common source of the hatred. In a similar manner the environmentalist is hated by a non-environmentalist (*cough* *cough* conservative *cough*) because of the environmentalist shows himself to be holier than everyone different from him.

(I know there is going to be this one person who will comment on this if I do not say this, so I will go ahead and address the obvious point that does not need to be addressed. Yes, I do realize that not what everything I say applies to all environmentalists and vegetarians. But it does apply to many of them. I have had plenty of discussions online with vegetarians and environmentalists to know that many of them essentially think in the way that I describe).

My problem with environmentalists and vegetarians is different. I do not really have a problem with people who act that they are better than everyone else. I myself have been accused of being that kind of person, and those people who accuse me of that are probably right. I do think of myself as better than most people around me. But I do not let that get to me. Because if I really think what I say is correct and what others say is wrong then why should I not think of myself as better than them? Why would I be humble? Humility is for the weak and silenced. Hence, the apparent parading of holiness found in environmentalists and vegetarians does not bother me.

I do not have a problem with people who care about animals or the environment in and of itself. I have a problem with something very different. My problem with them is their hatred towards humanity.

Now I know somebody is going to ask me the obvious question, "I thought that you hate humanity yourself, why do you object to when vegetarians and environmentalists hate humanity?".

First to make things clear I do not hate humanity. I hate groups of people. That is what I hate. I like individuals, but I hate it when people have to start forming groups that give them an identity. I do agree that humanity, in general, sucks. If you look at the history of people, it is rather embarrassing without much ever getting done. If aliens came to visit this planet and asked me if I am human I would be embarrassed to tell them I am human, I would rather tell them I am some different species that looks like them. Most of the progress and advancement is usually due to individuals who blessed the world with this gift. But humanity overall is quite embarrassing. However, despite this failure and suckiness of humanity, I do not hate it.

Second, I do not have a problem with people who hate humanity in and of itself. It is an understandable position. There is nothing to be proud of in humanity. People who complain about humanity and how much we suck and how terrible we are, are often correct. I can certainly understand these people.

My problem is not with hating humanity. My problem is hating humanity but loving animals or loving nature. This is complete stupidity. If you want to hate humanity then go ahead. But do not from this come to love nature or animals. Because if people suck then everything sucks.

The simple truth is that people suck the least out of everything that exists in this pathetic universe. This world is a terrible place. And people, as surprising as it may seem to some, are the least terrible aspect of the universe.

Vegetarians hate humanity for being cruel with animals, they judge humanity as evil, and they hate it for it. But what vegetarians ignore is that animals are far more cruel than most people that you know of. Did you ever see a lion eat a lamb? The lion will rip the lamb into pieces, as the lamb is alive, and eat it. Certainly, this is more cruel than a slaughterer who takes an axe to its neck. Human hunters use rifles to hunt for wild beasts, this is painful, but it is far less painful for an animal than how other animals eat one another. Just consider ants killing a lion. The ants will crawl through the mouth of the lion and start to devour it from the inside. While other ants from the outside will devour it also. This is far more cruel than what animals do. Sure, there are some people who are more cruel than animals, but those are exceptions. Animals are cruel also. Very cruel. The entire process of natural selection is a cruel and violent process.

It is complete stupidity to hate humanity for cruelty and animal abuse, but to identity yourself with animals who are more cruel and abusive of other animals.

Now let us consider environmentalists. I have on a few occasions made fun of environmentalism as a religion. It is actually most closely resembling Christianity. Environmentalists believe there was once a perfect state of the world. A perfect green world. Everything was great and wonderful. But then one day man arrives. The vicious evil serpent that he is. He corrupts the beautiful green earth with his technology. Man destroys the environment. He cuts down the trees. He pollutes the planet. The planet is now ruined. What was perfect and wonderful is now destroyed by this evil man. (Environmentalism also preaches a salvation message of paying of your sins by living a life of green, but I do not want to go there because it is not relevant to this discussion). The environmentalist hates humanity for damaging the environment, they judge humanity as evil, and they hate it for that.

Environmentalism is even dumber than vegetarianism. Environmentalists are lost in this false world of perfection. They believe there was once a perfect state of the world. There never was a perfect state of the world. The planet was in existence for about 4.5 billion years. Since that time it was chaos. Asteroids kept on bombarding into this planet. There were severe climate changes that went through the planet's history. Just consider the ice ages of the past. I do not remember exactly how far the ice got but I think it got past Florida at some point. It was really cold. Then it got really warm. There were also changes in the atmosphere since this planet was first formed. And these continue to this date today. There were times when the planet was too hard to sustain life and too cold too. There was a time when there was no oxygen or no nitrogen. If you send an environmentalist back 4 billion years to this planet he will probably think he is living in some post-nuclear world. He will either be extremely too hot or extremely too cold, it is unlikely that the temperature of the planet would suit him, if not kill him. He would not be able to last for one minute because he would die without having any oxygen. And all around him he would see massive thunderstorms, dark clouds, and exploding volcanoes. What a terrible sight to see for anyone. Exactly where in all of this billions year history can the environmentalist point to and say "look at that, a planet of pure perfection". Nowhere. It is foolish to think otherwise.

Both vegetarians and environmentalists hate humanity for extinction of animals. But people are amateurs when it comes to extinction. What did people even extinct? The Dodo bird? That is the only thing I can think of, and besides the Dodo looks like a dumb bird anyway, I am glad it got extinct. What other animals got extinct by people? I am sure environmentalists and vegetarians can give me a list. But that is all irrelevant when compared to animals got extinct by other animals. Natural selection has annihilated millions if not billions of animals species. Where were people in all of this. Consider this. Human beings have a history going back to 200,000 years approximately. All the billions of years before that animals were being extinct on a major scale. Not just by other animals but by nature itself. Ever heard of mass extinctions as a result of asteroid collisions? The dinosaurs, that is how they got extinct. Not by smoking cigarettes, but by facing a massive asteroid collision. In fact, biologists say that 99.9% of all species that have ever existed have went extinct and most of it was from mass asteroid extinctions. What did humans contribute to that? Practically 0%.

The planet earth, to anyone with any intellect, is more vicious and violent than what people have done. But what is even more vicious is the entirety of nature. World War 1 killed out less people than the Spanish flu that followed it shortly after. That was caused by nature. It gets even more cruel and evil when you look past this planet. This planet is one of the "successful" planets. All the other ones have failed to develop life. What is in fact very likely is that planets, far far away, beyond our reach, in the final frontier, have developed life but that life was soon destroyed. Possibly by an asteroid crashing into the planet, or a supernova that soon followed. It is also likely that black holes consumed entire planets and solar systems that had life sustaining on it, possibly even intelligent life, somewhere in the universe, where we do not know, but far far away.

How do we even know that this universe is the first and only one? We do not know. But I would not be surprised if there was an infinite number of big bangs before this one. What happened to them? Well, the same what would be the ultimate fate of this universe. This universe will eventually, in the far future, rip itself apart so that no life would be sustainable.

How pathetic. This world is so very pathetic. Nature is so very pathetic. The universe gave rise to the 5th Symphony only to destroy the source of this very music in the future. After live becomes unsustainable on this universe one of two things would happen. Either it will expand forever, cold and dead, and with no music playing. Or it will contract back to a singularity. Only to expand once again. Once again into a pathetic failed world that will eventually destroy all life and love that it hath given birth to.

Nature sucks, without a doubt to any reasonable person. Everything in this entire world also sucks. Animals too. To look at nature (environmentalism) or to look at animals (vegetarianism) as something greater to people is stupidity. Because people are the only barometer that can set value to this failed world. People are the only thing that I know of that can act with kindness and can act justly. They can also act in opposite, but they are the only ones that have the ability to change this outcome. If you hate people then you need to hate everything, otherwise you are not being consistent with yourself. And this is why I do not hate humanity. Because as much as we suck we suck the least. And we are the only ones that can change and do something virtuous. Stop looking at nature as your role model, stop looking at animals as your role model, start looking at other people and try to change them for the better.


  1. I find it interesting that frum people have such a knee jerk negative reaction to both these movements. Perhaps because they sense a competing religioin. Or perhaps because they sense something that there religion truly is lacking.

  2. oh yeah. very few individuals actually accomplished great things alone. there's a whole network that you rarely see.