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Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Hate the Summer

This is the time of the year when the people tell me "what a nice day outside", "what a beautiful day". I hate it! I hate summer. There is nothing beautiful to summer. I do not understand how someone can possibly enjoy this dreadful season. This is my worst time of the year. It is hot and sunny. I hate warm weather, I hate the sun and daylight. Can you explain to me how a summer day is "such a beautiful day"? Is it the hot air around you that is so beautiful and pleasant? Is it the sun burning out your eyeballs that you enjoy so much? Is it the long days of sun light that turns you on? What, what is it exactly? I do not understand. I do not see how any person can be attracted to this miserable season.

I like the winter. That is my favorite season by far. It is cold, dark, and it snows or rains. It reminds me of the cold and dead unsympathetic universe. This is what I prefer. I like the cold dead feeling on my body. The elegant property of cold is that if you feel too cold you can always put more clothes on to make yourself feel better, you cannot do this with heat! It is also dark, the sun is hiding, there are no sunrays that try to burn out your eyeballs. Another reason why I enjoy the dark is that the dark hides me, I enjoy being hidden. The dark also is a reminder of that our lives are rather meaningless, not visible to anyone but ourselves; where is the philosophical lesson behind the day? Finally, winter is beautiful, especially when it snows. I live in New York City, one winter day I left my house at 12 AM, there were no people outside and everything was covered with a few inches of snow, all the cars, and the roads. As I walked I left footprints behind me. It was as white as white can get. That is a very beautiful.

What exactly is so beautiful about summer? Watching the heat rise in front of you when you stare down the road? I do not understand how someone can enjoy summer. What I really love about winter and rain and snow is that the masses stay inside their houses. There are not that many people outside, especially when it rains. This is why I love rain. The people do not like to go outside when it rains, so I do not see them in the streets. I am one among few. I cannot wait for winter again. It makes me so happy watching normal people complain to one another, "wow today is such a terrible day" during winter season. Terrible for you, excellent for me. I get to listen to you the whole summer round tell yourselves "what a beautiful day", but during the winter time I get to enjoy your misery when you tell yourselves "what a nasty day", because it is not a nasty day for me, it is an awesome season for me. But until that time I have to sit in the hot pathetic sunny day for months until it begins to go away again.

By the way, those of you who prefer spring, "the season of life", go jump of a cliff, I have nothing to tell you. You are almost as bad as the whole summer lovers group. At least the fall lovers are in "the season of death", winter is still superior, it is the season when everything is already dead.

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