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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Defending the President

It is quite obvious that I am not the biggest supporter of the president from my posts. However, I do want to defend him. The BP oil spill is not his fault nor can he be made responsible for it. The president is not some Deity that can take blame or praise for anything that goes good or bad. He is just another pathetic human being like us. He has a certain job as a president. Environmental disasters is not his problem. He cannot be made accountable for any problem that we have. He has his own stuff to worry about. And he should worry about what he needs to worry about. He should stay out of the whole oil spill situation and let others deal with the situation. If you want to condemn him you can condemn him for his poor performance on the economy, or his bad health reform policy, because in those he had influence. And even in those policies he can only take a little part of the blame because he is not the only one behind the policy. Just like the left cannot blame Bush for his performance with Hurricane Katrina we cannot blame Barack for his performance with the oil spill. Not what he was elected for. Conservatives just need to pull whatever excuse they can to go after the president. There are plenty of problems with the president, stick with them, stop making up excuses. The BP oil spill is only the fault of BP, no one else, if you want to condemn someone then condemn them, stop going after the president.

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