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Monday, June 21, 2010

Modern Art and Sugarless Tea

We all know people who love to show off that they are better than other people. Some might argue that I am such a person myself. Okay, fine, I accept your criticism. But here is the difference between me and most other kinds of people who want to show off, I am arrogant about something which one can be proud of. If I happen to have an intelligence far beyond an average person that is something I can brag about. If I happen to be overly-generously by giving away large amounts of money to charity that is again something I can brag about. If I came up with some great ideas in science that is something I can brag about. If I can beat 999/1000 people in chess that is something I can brag about. Because all of these traits require a skill to them or an improved personality. But there are people who want to show off that they are better than other people for really pathetic and meaningless traits, and those include modern art, sugarless tea and novels.

Modern art (and abstract expressionism) is ridiculous. There is nothing to it. To really see why modern art is garbage just find some really expensive piece of garbage ... I mean, piece of art, and then draw your own piece similar to it using MS Paint. Then walk up to someone who claims they understand modern art and ask them which one is authentic and which one is not. You will see that exactly 1/2 of the time they will be correct, which is exactly what we expect statistically, in other words, modern art is non-sense. The only reason why people pretend, yes they really pretend, or self-delude themselves, to like modern art is so that they can tell other people that they either like or understand modern art? Why? Very simple. It is all about domination. People are creatures who want to dominate. The modern art lovers are such pathetic people that they have nothing to dominate at, they have no trait that can genuinely be used as a device for their arrogance, so they need to falsely invent a kind of art that only they supposedly understand. They create art which makes no sense so that no one can understand it, because there is nothing to understand, and then pretend they understand it so that they can feel superior to other people.

Tea is disgusting. I almost never drink tea. But when I am to drink tea I make sure to put a lot of sugar because otherwise it is disgusting. I might use six teaspoons to mask the disgusting taste of tea. Once I do that only then does tea become drinkable and in rarer cases even pleasant. I understand that people have different preferences and some might like tea. I do not complain against the tea drinkers. What I am complaining about at the sugarless tea drinkers. And not really the sugarless tea drinkers but the sugarless tea drinkers that need to go out of their way to make the entire world know that they drink tea with no sugar. I do not care what tastes and preferences you have, there is no person who enjoys sugarless tea (or honeyless). Tea by itself is disgusting. Did you ever try the medical powder found in capsule tablets? I have. It is the most disgusting thing I ever tried in the world. I can safely say that there is no person alive that would find antibiotics pleasant, which is why they are in capsules in the first place. Same with sugarless tea. It is disgusting. I can understand if someone has diabetes and cannot use tea, that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about a person who can have sugar, purposely refuses to in order so that he can make everyone aware that he drinks tea with no sugar. I have met many of these people in my life. They ask me, "how much sugar you want", and I often respond "five or six spoons". They act surprised "six spoons?!, I drink tea with no sugar". Notice that they have to add the fact that they drink tea with no sugar. All for the reason of implicitly trying to show you that they are better than you because they can handle the tea as it is. Sugarless tea is not one of those traits that people should proudly show off. There is nothing to be proud of if you are willing to drink a disgusting drink on purpose. I do not think to myself, "wow that guy is so strong, he can drinks tea with no sugar", I rather think to myself, "wow that guy is an idiot he is willfully making himself drink something disgusting".

That is all I wanted to say as it was on my mind. These are two good examples of people who have nothing to brag about because their lives are just so empty and pathetic.


  1. You need to put milk in your tea to make it a good drink most Americans just don't get that ;) (hehe case in point I think I'm better than you because I put milk in my tea!)

    Anyways a similar thing is prevalent among bureaucrats (especially Israelis). They will screw you around to no end because any "power" they have over you makes them feel important.

  2. maybe they actually do like sugarless tea? Stranger things have happened before.

  3. "maybe they actually do like sugarless tea? Stranger things have happened before.":

    Maybe they do but why would they brag about it?

  4. Maybe you think they're bragging.

  5. I can't stand tea with sugar. I can't stand chocolate with a normal amount of sugar (I get 70-90% cacao). I even eat birch syrup because maple syrup is too sweet. I hate the taste of overly sweet things.

    When I say I dislike tea with sugar, I am not implying that I'm strong (since it would take more strength for me to endure gross sugary tea..). I'm drawing attention to the fact that I'm different, which is something I often do without realizing my motive. I think my subconscious reason for it is that I think being different makes me superior. Rare things are in general more valuable because they have what other things don't have, and therefore a potential advantage.

    You may have the motive partially wrong. I can't imagine someone actually, physically perceiving sugary tea as a positive taste.

  6. Ah! Finally a non-spam comment on this blog! Spinoza, you should start blogging again. I enjoyed your blog.