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Friday, June 4, 2010

Liberal Lunacy 3: Tea Party Racism

The left calls the tea party racists because it mostly consists of white people. What kind of an argument is that? That itself is a racist argument. We need a good definition for racism which I provided here. Judging the people in the tea parties by their race to determine if they are racist or not is self-defeating, it is racist itself.

Besides the left commits the correlation-causation fallacy. The tea parties mostly consist of white people, therefore there is a corellation between white people and being a tea party member. Now does this imply that there is racism? No. Of course not. That is a ridiculous argument to make. I can make a similar argument with regard to black people. I can say that the real reason why more black people do not join the tea party movements is because the president is black and they do not want to oppose him. That is another correlation-causation fallacy, see how ridiculous it is?

If you want to call the tea party racists then you need to provide evidence of their racism not simply correlate between the white members in the tea parties. I am sure you can kind find racists in the tea parties, but that is in the minority, most people in the tea parties do not show themselves to be racists. If you cannot provide evidence here that all what the tea party is about is being opposed to the president since he is black then you have a ridiculous argument not worthy or any respect.

I want to again bring to attention the strategy of the liberal left. I have written about this before on my other posts. Racism is a tool used by the left to silence opposition. Whenever someone is opposed to some law or their party they will try to find a way to claim him to be a racist. The left does not like the tea parties so now they invent excuses to why they must be a racist party. The fact that most of them are white is a good place to start for the left. And this is precisely why I never listen to the news. I cannot listen to the news. Every single day you can know with certainty that one issue regarding racism will be discussed. Even if there is no sign of racism these people are masters of inventing it and then discussing it to silence their opponents. The left wants to create an imagine of themselves that they are the progressive enlightened party and any opposition to their party must come from greedy racists who only think about themselves. Which is precisely why I have no respect for the liberal party for the tactics that they use.


  1. First, there is no "the left." "The left" is comprised of many disparate groups that don't have much in common. White union workers, black social conservatives, Catholic Latinos, ubereducated WASPs, Jews, etc.

    Second, while I'm sure you can find a couple examples of someone using the Tea Party's demographics to make the case for their racism, the primary reason people suspect that they are racist is that their rhetoric is so insanely far from reality that it leaves people searching for an explanation. Surely they can't really believe Obama is a Muslim Marxist who hates America, right? So there must be some reason. Well, maybe it's that they're racist. However, I remember the anti-Clinton lunatics well, so I don't think it's largely about racism. I think it's largely that there are just a lot of stupid lunatics on the right.

    Third, there are many racist Republicans. People act like it's rude to mention it, but it's clearly true. One generation ago, desegregation was really controversial, particularly with Southern males. And today we're supposed to believe that all those Southern males who left the Democrats when LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act have come to see the error of their ways? Or that zero percent of their children are racist?

    The racists are still out there, and mostly Republican. They just hide it because it's so politically incorrect now. Note how many people are still blatantly homophobic. You think in 30 years they're going to admit that they opposed gay marriage all those years ago? No way! They'll pretend to be offended that you dare to call them homophobic. But amongst each other, they'll still rail against the "fags."

    Or look at the immigration issue. Can you really tell me that if illegal immigrants were primarily Canadian WASPs that the Republican base would be equally as upset about the issue? No way. They really, really just don't like brown people. Oh, they'll pretend that they're just sticklers for the law, but they're never sticklers when it comes to torturing brown people, are they?

    Liberals aren't inventing racism. It's there, and too many right-wingers just don't want to admit who their allies are.

  2. This isn't invented racism although it is possible that the level of racism is being exaggerated. There are a heck of a lot of pictures of racist slogans and signs by Tea Partiers. See for example:

    While there are claims that some of these have been photoshopped, some have clearly not been. See for example:

    There are also many videos on Youtube of directly racist statements made by Tea Partiers.

  3. Jewish Atheist: You cannot condemn an entire movement for racism is some of its members are racists. If the majority was then you have a case. But the majority is not racist and there is no evidence that is the case. You will object to me and say that I was unfair to generalize to all liberals what I said. I should have no said "the liberals". I can anticipate you saying that. However, if you read my introduction to my Liberal Lunacy series you would realize that I already addressed that problem. Liberals here refer to the people who think tea parties are racist and call themselves liberals.

    "Liberals aren't inventing racism.":

    You are not being very observant of the world then. It is nearly obvious that liberals like to play the race card at any oppurtunity they get. The lowlifes like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson made their entire career of playing the race card and crying racism at any chance they get. Shouting racism whenever there is a chance is a liberal vice. Liberal talk shows and news programs have the single to most popular issue discussed everyday and that is racism. Every day. That is the one thing you can always assume to hear from a liberal program. So you are very wrong about this point.

    "too many right-wingers just don't want to admit who their allies are.":

    I have no problem admitting that the KKK and I agree on a lot of things. I will never hide that. In fact, I will sometimes mention that, like now, because I find it very humorous. But it does not bother me in the slightest. I will make a post on that explaining more. At the moment I do not want to get off topic.

  4. "This isn't invented racism although it is possible that the level of racism is being exaggerated. There are a heck of a lot of pictures of racist slogans and signs by Tea Partiers. See for example:"

    You should read my first paragraph to the Jewish Atheist, it applies to you as well. Sure you can find racists in the movement, I will not deny that. That does not make the movement itself racist. For a movement to be racist it needs to be motivated by racism. Having some racist members is completely irrelevet.

    What is the problem with the picture you send? I do not even see it. Are they making fun of black-English? That is the only thing I can think of. That is not so bad. Come on, you need to find an authentic picture which says something like "I want to keep blacks as slaves" or something like that. I am sure those exist, but that is irrelevent at calling the tea party a racist group.

    You should read my two part post called "What is Racism?". I think I offer the best definition of racism that anyone has ever offered. Yes, I realized that I what I said is overly arrogant, but I am an overly arrogant boy and have no problem with arrogance. In fact, I think there is a virtue in arrogance, but that is beside that point. Read those posts. It is very important to understand what racism really means and what it does not.