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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BP Oil Spill

Doing damage to the environment, killing out the sea life, causing billions of dollars in property damage is certainly terrible. But what is more terrible is doing even more property damage and killing out human beings in the hundreds of thousands and enslaving about a million people. This is my problem with the news coverage of the BP oil spill. For the approximate past two months the most popular story (with exception of a few stories from FIFA, like Landon Donovan's goal) has been BP. But I have a question. Why is there absolutely no coverage of operation Iraqi "freedom"? Why is there no coverage of people in the hundreds of thousands that were murdered by the US government? Why is there no coverage of the dehumanization that takes place in the military to other people? Why is there no coverage of the millions of our own citizens enslaved in jails for crimes which should not be crimes in the first place? Why does the news never tell us the number of people killed in Iraqi ever since we wanted to spread peace there with a military occupation? The news quickly is happy to tell us how many American soldiers got killed, 3000, 5000, oh my Science, it is just so huge when you compare it to 100,000 or 200,000 people. But hesitant to tell us or never tells us how many Iraqis get killed. Why are these cruelties against other people by the US government not covered in the news? Once in a while we might see a leaked video of the dehumanization that takes place. But that is just one incident among thousands that take place every day. Why are the news happy to cover BP but ignore the worse evil? All what this news coverage accomplishes is a diversion from the actual problems that face the world. When we hear about BP all day long we forget the massacre and enslavement the US is doing every day for the past many years. BP is just a diversion along with other news stories from the real problems that are present.

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  1. good questions. Probably because Iraq is far away and therefore is easier to ignore. Also when the US is the aggressor it makes people feel bad and people don't want to feel bad. And since the media is the business of selling newspapers etc. it wants to please people so it avoids uncomfortable topics which would decrease viewers