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Monday, July 26, 2010

God is the Worst Kind of Despot

A king or a ruler has a will that he wishes everyone to follow. Those who fail to follow his rule will be punished for disobedience. He wants to limit what people can do to enjoy themselves so that they can focus more on him. He has strict rules for the people to follow. But he lacks something, no matter how powerful a despot it, no matter how tyrannical he is, he cannot figure out how to invade the thoughts of people.

God is the ultimate despot. He is the invader of people's thoughts. People are now judged for the kind of thoughts that they have. Think of North Korea, then think of Bill O'Reilly, multiply those two, and raise to the power of Ann Coulter. God will still be more tyrannical than that. God does not believe in freedom of speech and nor does he believe in freedom of thought. He wants to be in the minds of people everyday all the time. God watches everything you do. Even when you masturbate. God also watches little boys masturbate, does that make him a pedophile?

I think this explains the psychological reasons why religious people are generally opposed to freedom. They are perfectly contempt, happy even, with being ruled and watched over a despot. In fact, it is interesting to note, that subjects ruled by kings and despots where also happy to be ruled by them. Religion still contains the remnants of humanities slavish mentality.


  1. You're saying God is a character from a bad dream. I fully agree.

  2. Agreed. The God of the Torah is a monster. Even if he existed, it would be wrong to worship him.

  3. "Agreed. The God of the Torah is a monster. Even if he existed, it would be wrong to worship him.":

    At least Jesus has some nice traits to him. He has flaws, since he is after all a human invention, but he does have a benevolent side to him. One can even say that Jesus was a hippie. So I can understand people's appeal to Jesus. But God the father, wow, he is angry non-stop, he is like an old person who never got any pussy in his life. Lewis Black explains this very funny here: (

  4. Like your "race based jokes," it's not intrinsically wrong if G-d is omniscient.

    And if that results in Him knowing or "seeing" boys masturbate that's not intrinsically wrong either.

    It's not wrong if G-d wants obedience if disobedience means harm.

    I'm religious (and somewhat skeptic) but I'm libertarian.

    Rather than skeptic in this post you just sound upset.

  5. "I'm religious (and somewhat skeptic) but I'm libertarian.":

    You might but God is not. He wants control, as much control as he can get.

    "Rather than skeptic in this post you just sound upset.":

    Yes I am. And what is the probably exactly?