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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Never Mentioned Secret of Judaism

Most Orthodox Jewish people do not really believe in Judaism. No reasonable adult can possibly believe in that kind of stuff. So what Orthodox Jews actually do is pretend in what they believe. Why? Because they want to maintain a Jewish identity and they realized a long time ago that religion is the most efficient means of securing that identity. But Jewish people never talk about it because they have kids which they pretend what they believe in is real. Jewish parents know that if they simply told their kids that Judaism is make believe then the kids will not be serious. So what parents did was told them that Judaism is real so that it will motivated the kids. And the children keep the restrictions and obligations of Judaism because they think it is real. However, once they become adults they realize that Judaism is really false but they still maintain a Jewish identity because that is what they are used to. And they stay silent, no one talks about it. When they finally have children of their own they teach them these lies at first so that they can become just like their parents. And this has been going on for thousands of years. No one talks about it.

There are two kinds of outcasts on this never mentioned secret. The skeptics and the yeshivash guys. The skeptics rebel against Judaism because they noticed it is not true, but they fail to noticed that Jews also know it is false but just pretend it is true. This is precisely why Orthodox Jews despise skeptics because the skeptics are close to breaking open their secret. But in actuality the skeptics and Orthodox Jews believe in the same thing. And then there are the yeshivash guys. Yeshivash the guys are just so stupid that they never realized that Judaism is false. At between 18 and 20 Jewish people start to realize this secret of Judaism, except the yeshivash guys. They are the dumb ones who never got this message. So they are so devoted to Judaism because they think it is real. While the normal Jews they know it is not real so they are not devoted to it. If you watch a normal Jew daven and a yeshivash guy daven you will quickly note the difference. The normal Jew only davens not because he believes but because he is maintaining his Jewish identity. Since he does not believe he cannot be serious and there is no devotion at prayer. The yeshivash guy is full in devotion because he actually believes.


  1. I know many brilliant yeshiva guys who could hardly be called stupid - yet believe fervently in Judaism (brainwashing etc.)

    I also know many non-Yeshiva guys who sincerely believe in Judaism

    I think you're generalizing quite a bit

  2. "I think you're generalizing quite a bit":

    I like it how you try to be nice when you know I am entirely and absolutely wrong. Do not worry, I am not your employer, I am not going to fire you if you tell me that "this post is ridiculous and entirely wrong".

    Anyway, I was not serious with this post. Just was curious to know what will be if what I said was really true.

  3. Fine : This post is ridiculous and entirely wrong! (+ string of expletives)

    Geez what is this world coming to when you get reprimanded for being polite!

  4. "Geez what is this world coming to when you get reprimanded for being polite!":

    My problem is that people try to talk soflty or PC. I want more people to be douchebags. Because when people are douchebags they speak more truth than people who act polite or speak PC. Besides soft language makes soft people. We need to grow a penis and be douchebags. Respectable douchebags but douchebags nonetheless.

  5. You would love Israel, there is plenty of douchebaggery and very little PC or soft talking. There everyone says what they think.

  6. This post would have been better had you put it up on Purim where it belongs.

  7. I think a lot of Orthodox Jews know deep down that if they really thought about it they wouldn't believe, but then they just choose to not really think about it, so they kind of still do believe, if you know what I mean. They'll really go out of their way not to have certain thoughts and conversations.

  8. I don't think it's quite accurate to say most orthodox people are like this. The foundations of what ALL people believe and behave from are ultimately neither defensible nor open to direct attack. This applies for materialists as well as the gammet of religious thinkers, from Reb Aryele chassidim to Dawkins to Catholic philosophers at universities neither of us will ever get accepted to. Most mature people come to this conclusion, OTDs the sooner the better. Unimpeachable demands for certainty are the stuff of drunken freshman year atheists and regretably the mentally ill or those suffering extreme emotional trauma - but neither are normal, healthy states.

  9. your argument lacks any logic and makes blanket statements without any evidence or sources, personally i find it incredibly offensive

    1. is it possible that maybe your backround, i.e. family and friends just were raised completely lacking a true understanding of their religion?