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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jews on People's Court

As you all know how slow I am on the news, but I found out about a Jewish couple that appeared as plaintiffs on the People's Court. I found this out a few days ago and today I watched the video, here.

Before I say anything I want to say what I think of the People's Court. You know I do not have any respect for the "justice" system of the United States. So I cannot possibly have much respect for the People's Court.

But there is something special to People's Court that is not present on Judge Judy. Even though Judge Judy represents a "justice" system that I do not much respect to, I do like Judge Judy. People criticize Judy by saying that she is very tough with the litigants. Obviously, if she was plain with them there would be no TV show. But that is not a good criticism. Because I guess they know what they are signing up to when they go to be on her show. They know who she is and decide to go there. So these people do agree to be subject to her toughness.

Toughness is sometimes a great thing. The world definitely needs more toughness. When Judy tells the wife that she should leave her husband because her husband is a theif and a liar, a lot of people criticize that and say that is being impolite on them. But I am not bothered by that. The world needs more commentary about all the wrong decisions that we do. If someone is doing something really bad and you do not tell him "stop being stupid", then you are doing no favor. All this politeness is not a good thing.

The only thing should matter as a judge, is Judy a just judge (with respect to the "justice" system). From watching lots and lots of court cases I do get the impression that she is just. I seen her rule in favor of someone who was really making her angry. She does not over rule cases just because she does not like someone. I did not really see that happen.

But Judge Marilyn sucks. Absolutely sucks. She is an embarrassment of a judge. I seen so many cases of her on the People's Court when she ruled in favor of the other people because one of the litigants said something to her that she did not like. She is not just at all. She is usually just. But that is not good enough. She must be just all the time to be a good judge. And she fails at that. This is why she sucks as a judge. Any judge that ends the court case because she does not like someone is an embarrassment to any law system.

Now on to the case. Well there is nothing really to say about the case. It is a chilul Hashem as people are talking about. But for me "chilul Hashem" means something else. It is not profaning the name of God. For me a chilul Hashem is doing something in the public that gives the gentiles another excuse to hate the Jews.

Really I just have two things to say about this story. First, from what I see online (such as YouTube), when a Jewish person does something bad, an insane number of people catch on to that and talk about how the Jews control all the banks, only care about the money, and how they try to jew the Gentiles because they think the Gentiles are too stupid. It is very much true with the Jews. Most so, it seems, than with any other group of people. It is true that other groups of people something have this generalized labeling, but with Jews the numbers are the highest.

Second, it seems that only Jewish people are so caught up about what happens with other Jewish people. I am not sure whether to make of this as a good thing or a bad thing. If a black guy did something really bad on TV you would not see blacks going on YouTube and watching the story. If a Christian or Muslim did something like that I cannot imagine that this would happen. But the Juden, they are very much connected. A little story like that and everybody in the Jewish world knows what happened.


  1. Because our world is smaller. When we hear of a frum Jew on TV, we think that maybe we know the guy, or if not personally, indirectly via Jewish geography. And it's likely true. Whatever connection a Muslim or Hindu might feel to his brethren, it's very unlikely out of hundreds of millions of people that they will know each other.

  2. I read this book (whose title I forgot) by Karen Armstrong, a former British nun. When Kennedy was in office, the nuns would talk about "the Catholic president." It was cute, because Jews talk about famous Jews in the same way.