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Monday, December 13, 2010

Speech Suppresion in Britian

The US is known for being fat, ugly, and filled with creationist retards. But at least the US is probably the strongest country in the world when it comes to free speech issues (even Noam Chomsky admitted this). Europe might be in better shape, definitely is better looking (especially in Sweden, those people are gorgeous), rather secular but sadly pro-censorship. Especially our little brother - the UK (I guess there is a difference between saying UK and Britian, I always forget, they are same to me since I am a geographical ignorant stereotypical American).

The UK loves to ban speech that they do not approve of. This has been going on for years already. My favorite conservative radio host, Michael Savage, got banned from the UK about two years ago because he said stuff about homosexuals that deeply offended the UK. He is prohibited from entering that country. The entire country. He is on the UK ban list.

Michael Savage was not the first and certainly not the last person the UK banned for speech alone. This has been going on for a long enough time and it needs to end. The UK is practising nothing but speech suppresion. Of course, they will never admit that. You will never hear the UK admit "we do not believe in free speech". Rather they will tell you, "we have standards to how pwople have to conduct and speak, those who cannot fit those standars are not welcome into our country". Which is obviously just a euphemism for free speech suppresion.

Today, wow I am actually on top of my news, UK announced that they are going to ban Terry Jones. He is an anti-Muslim American preacher from Florida that announced that he will burn the Quran on 9/11 if the Muslim mosque is built in New York City.

And all these bans are being done by the anti-freedom, anti-speech, secretary Theresa May. The UK seems to believe it is a great idea to give one person the power to decide who and who cannot be let into the country by the decision of one person on what they say.

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