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Monday, February 14, 2011

I Hate Valentine's

I hate Valentine's day because it is a reminder of that I am alone. This day is not special to me, never has been. My day today went like all other days. I am not bothered that there are other people who are happy on that day. That does not concern me, they certainly can be happy and I have nothing against that. It is just that whenever Valentine's day passes it is a continual reminder of what a social loser and loner I am. I get reminded of this message almost everyday. But on Valentine's it gets magnified by a lot.

There is also a lot of uncertainty on this day. I always wonder and ask myself, will I ever like Valentine's day? That is, will I ever have someone to share it with? Or shall I forever despise it as a dreadful day of the abyss? Do I want to be with someone? From a purely philosophical point-of-view I find all relationships to be irrational, but it still is appealing.


  1. There are a lot of people out there who hate valentine's day. we're all united in that we're alone.

  2. LOL - philosophically the exact same idea applies to our desire to "believe" in and have a relationship with God. Sure, its irrational - and actually its even less than a relationship with a live human being - who at least responds, if they're not a vegetable - hey, you can even have sex with a vegetable!, if you go for that sort of thing...) - but, like you say - "it is still appealing".
    Thankfully, in my "closed" Charedi world Valentine's Day is simply non-existent. See! There are benefits to living in Charedi-stan! LOL

  3. You are taking this way too seriously. The importance around Valentine's Day is manufactured to sell chocolate and flowers. It's just another shopping holiday like Easter, X-mas and Thanksgiving. Relax and enjoy a Hershey's kiss.

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