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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sales and Designer Clothing

There are two things that seem so easy as everyone else understands them but I just cannot make sense of them. What is up with sales? I hear some people tell me they are going to go and shop in a store because of a new sale?

I have a question. Is it not true that everyday is a sale day? It seems that anytime somebody mentions a clothing store there is always some sort of sale. I am assured that if I got up right now and walked into a random clothing store there would be a sale going on.

Or consider stores that has a "going out of business sale". How many "going out of business sales" can a store have already? If your store is open for seven years it is not exactly going out of business if you have such a sale.

When I pass through the streets of New York City I constantly see sales all around me. Clothing store after clothing store filled with some new sale.

So if it is true that sales happen everyday with every store then what makes them so special? It rather seems that the true intent of sales is to trick the people into thinking that they are saving money, while in all actuality the clothing stores you shop at just screw you over to make more money for themselves by attracting as many people as possible.

How many people live the rest of their lives seeing "SALE" every time they shop and not realize that if they see sales everytime then perhaps they are not as special as people think they are? Am I wrong here? I have no idea. I do not really shop for clothing so I have no idea. What am I missing? You would imagine that eventually people will realize that sales mean nothing anymore if they take place everyday.

The other thing that makes no sense to me is designer clothing. I never cared for designer clothing. All clothes that I have are way cheaper than the same exact clothing one would buy with a magical brand name. I can be wearing a suit, tie, jacket, everything, and the total amount of clothing on me would be over twice as less as someone who buys himself brand designer jeans. What is the point? Does it really matter? They look exactly the same. I would be interested to try an experiment. Buy some Walmart jeans, buy some designer jeans, rip off the labels, and ask someone to identify which one is which. I am sure they will be correct, about 1/2 of the time.

Speaking of clothing I have another thing I just cannot understand. What is up with all the excessive clothing shopping? This seems to be a problem to a lot of girls. I once was hanging out with a girl and before we departed she told me that she is going to go and buy herself something. I asked her how much clothing she owns. She said something to the effect of: 10 shoes, 15 pants, 20 shirts, 5 jackets. I was really surprised with that number. If you multiply all of those numbers together you get 15,000. This is the number of permutations of all articles of clothing she can wear. This means if she was to wear a different permutation of clothing every day it will take her 41 years to go through all of them! She can go through half a life with the clothing supplies that she already had. But somehow that is not enough. She needs more.

I do not understand. What is up with all of this excessive clothing shopping? My mom is like that. She buys herself lots of clothes and perfumes and never really has much of an occasion to use it. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that. If it makes girls happen then so be it. But it makes no sense. Well, I guess it is not supposed to make sense, they are girls after all, they are not supposed to make sense, as they have no idea what they even want. As Freud said the one question he was never been able to resolve is what a girl wants.

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