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Friday, February 18, 2011

Why Pedophiles Like Children

I was a few days ago thinking about what exactly is so sexually appealing about children. They do not appeal to me because their bodies are so under developed, they are like old people, not appealing at all. Except Sarah Palin, who by the way, is a grandmother. I heard of a MILF but never of a GILF, I think Sarah Palin makes it possible.

But then I realized a reason why pedophiles do like children. It is not their under developed body that they like so much, but a much simpler reason. Children lack hair. A (straight) pedophile does have a similar sexual attraction to women like a normal person does. When he sees a little girl (say ten years) he does after all see a minature woman. She looks like a woman. Okay she is a little under developed but she has similar proportions to a woman.

But for a pedophile there is a big difference between this girl and an adult woman. The girl has no hair (except for her head). Women do. Most women shave off their hair, but some traces of it can still be visible. Especially near the vagina area. Some women have some hair there, while others shave it off. But even the ones who do shave it off still have some remanants of hair.

A pedophile does not like hair. I should said hair different from head hair. Head hair is fine, it even looks pretty. A person with no head hair is less attractive in general than one who does have hair. But for the rest of the hair on the human body it is not appealing any more. Children are precisely the age group that have head hair and lack of body hair. Their bodies are perfectly smooth and clean, free from all hair. Especially their genitals, they are perfectly clean.

This is what attracts the pedophile. He sees a humanoid body which is perfectly smooth, and that is what attracts him to the children. In fact, what I just describe is often the reason why a lot of pedophiles are interested in anime'. In anime' the girls are shown to be hairless. It is a cartoon after all, so the artists can draw human bodies, often resembling little girls, that are perfectly free from any hair.

Maybe I am entirely wrong here as I do not know how the mind of a pedophile works. But this is my best guess that I have to what I think is causing the pedophile to be attracted to little children.


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  2. your reasoning is terribly flaud and naive...very stupid. not sure why people like kids, it's beyond normal...incomprehensible....but i'm sure it goes beyond body hair.

    1. He just stated his assumption and you call it very stupid. Maybe you need a Professor for doing research about this case.

  3. pedofile are predators, they like having power over defenseless children