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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Johnny Weir Out of the Closet

Johnny Weir, or who I prefer to call Johnny Queer, recently came out of the closet. And the national response was "finally!".

For those of you who do not know Johnny Queer is an Olympic male figure skater. He competed in the 2010 games in Vancouver and the 2006 games in Tourino. Johnny Queer is a very controversial figure skater. A lot of complaint was drawn that Johnny Queer makes the sport "too feminine". If you would like an example of what I am talking about you can watch this.

He was the most controversial athlete by far of the 2010 games. There were people who wanted to bar him from competing in the Olympics because of the "disgrace he brings to the sport".

Now I am not exactly sure what these people are complaining about. This is male figure skating, the gayest of all the sports. How can this sport be made any more feminine? And who cares if he is gay or not? He is not hurting the sport. Do you know how many people, especially girls (because they find him hot), love to watch him skate? There is a reason why he was probably everyone's favorite skater. Even though he did not make it to the medals people really enjoyed him. How can you say he is "harming the sport" if he is making it more modern? How is he hurting this sport if more people watch it? As much as you traditionalists hate to admit this but Johnny Queer drew the most attention than any skater. Not even any skater, but more attention than any Olympic athlete. He was the most heard about Olympian than anyone else, probably the favorite one too if you ran a poll.

He was my favorite athlete also. Because I love individuals who are not afraid to be individuals and make all the traditionalists angry. It was fun watching all the commentators about him get angry about how he makes the sport girly. I enjoy this kind of rebellion. And Johnny Queer did not even make a slight attempt to feminize the sport, he went all the way, he did not let any taboos hold him back. That is why he was my favorite.

But he never said he was gay. Every time reporters questioned his sexuality, and they always did, he avoided the question. A few weeks ago he came out of the closet.

Nobody was surprised. Everyone knew Johnny Queer was gay. Mostly everyone who was curious about his sexuality did not do so in a bad way but because it was obvious that he was gay and everyone was just waiting for him to finally admit it.

How did people know he was gay? Because of stereotypes. Stereotypes often come to be precisely because there is truth to them. A guy, in ultra tight clothing, dancing to girlish music, having a lisp voice, who is into fashion, come on, we all know that such a person is gay. But many of us do not want to admit it. For some reason we decided that stereotypes are evil and should never be used. But deep down inside each one of us who know Johnny Queer knew he was gay.

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  1. Good point. I personally am a fan of stereotypes.