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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Case Against the 911 Truth Movement

So you expect me to believe that the government was responsible for 911 and lied to its citizens about it? Some people get all offended by this, "how dare he say something like this about our government, the government would never do something like this". Of course, these people are stupid because all governments exist on lies. There is no such thing as a honest government, if it were honest, it would have difficulty existing from the anger of the people.

I am not offended by such a statement, on the contrary, I find it hilarous. Too hilarous to take it seriously. Because you expect me to believe that a giant clumsy central agency that has difficulty running the post office, that has messed up public education, that wastes billions of dollars on programs which are not necessary, that is so highly inefficient, that this agency can successful plot a brilliant attack and trick the entire world into believing that the people responsible for the attacks were someone else? The non-sense detector in me immediately lights up when I hear this, how can a government which cannot run a public school make this master plan happen so well?

The truthers probably are looking for an excuse to hate the US government. But you do not need to invent excuses, the excuses are all around you. Just look. They killed millions of people. They enslave about a million in iron cages. They steal money from the current generation through taxation. They steal from the poor by the process of inflation. And they steal from the unborn by the evil process of borrowing money. And lots of that money is not even used on you, it is used to fund its own empire and power structure, and to kill those who get in its way. I think that is all one needs to realize to hate the US government, and unlike the 911 truth movement, this is actually true.


  1. The CIA is not the Post Office. The CIA is the most powerful, well-funded agency on earth. Education is messed up because there is not enough money put into it, not because of incompetence in DC, unlike the CIA which has unlimited funds. As far as tricking the world, that is simple. The wealthy owners of the mainstream media have nothing to gain and everything to lose if they expose the truth. They have ignored just about every development in 911 truth since the day the towers fell. They won't tell the world about building 7, molten metal in the rubble, free-fall speed of building 7, the nano-thermite found in the dust by scientists, the 1200 architects and engineers who refute the official story, the consular official who was ordered to give visas to unqualified arabs at the consulate in Saudi Arabia where the hijackers got their visas, the high level military and intelligence professionals who deride the official story, and on and on.

  2. I'm with Baruch. The CIA might not be the PO, but the problem remains the same - no price structure, no profit motive. Jerrod's comment on education could not, I think, be further off the mark. More money buys us more electronic blackboards, known as smartboards - but not smarter students. Education is the way it is by design - it was based on the Prussian system and designed to deliver uncritical workers to business.

  3. "Education is messed up because there is not enough money put into it, not because of incompetence in DC, unlike the CIA which has unlimited funds.":

    Jerrod you have no idea what you are talking about. There is more money put education now then ever before. Each time when people say how much education sucks the politicians always use the same excuse "not enough is being spend". How much longer must this path continue until it is realized that there is something fundamentally wrong with public education as a system. More money is being put into it now then ever before in history, yet it has not improved at all.