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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Happens When We Die?

I do not think this question is really that hard to answer. I know that a lot of people find it overly arrogant for someone to state what happens when he die. But I am extremely sure of myself. And I do not see what is the problem with being so certain of yourself about what death is if you can give a strong argument that defends your position.

The answer is really boring and dreadfully unexciting. Nothing happens to us. Your soul will no longer exist and you will not feel anything. So sorry if you were expecting something more interesting, even if it was a negative experience. Death is neither positive nor negative. No angels escort you to heaven (though that would be a rather terrible afterlife for me). No demons escort you to hell. No you are not stuck in your body just conscious about everything which is going on from that point till eternity. And you do not become a ghost. It is really rather simple. The experience that you feel now will be gone. Think of it as a dreamless sleep. Sometimes when you sleep you have no dreams. When you wake up after many hours all that time in between when you went to sleep and awoke is what death is like. You did not feel anything. You were not aware of anything. (I know there is going to be this one guy who is going to tell me saying "actually you always have dreams you just forget about them", if you are such a person, please kill yourself, I hate people who have to repeat overly trivial things that everybody knows. You know what I mean by a dreamless sleep.)

My reason is very simple. I could offer explanations involving cognitive neuroscience to why death is simply non-existence. But I have a simpler argument. We all know what death is like. Yes. That is right. We have all experienced death before. People say "you have no right to say what death is like because you never experienced it". But I disagree. We have experienced it. We have been dead for billions and billions of years. How was it like? Your brain did not exist. Your body did not exist. Your soul did not exist. None of it existed. And how was the experience? It was not anything. It was not positive and it was not negative. Peaceful and quiet? Not really. Hard to imagine since he are alive now, but we at least can somewhat comprehend that death is.

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  1. It is not a hard question to answer, but of course the plain fact is that all of the explanations you might give are speculation since it cannot be proven.