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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Questions for Honestly Frum

A few days ago I made a response to Jezuzfree...,oh, sorry, I meant Honestly Frum here. It was not really so much of a response as it was an excuse to give him the middle finger. Though it did contain some reasonable points amidst all the insults. I later left a comment on Honestly Frum's blog saying that I made a response and he can read it if he wishes to read. Without any surprise at all, Honestly Frum deleted my comment and said, "Spinoza, I won't respond because you do not deserve a response." So I really doubt that Honestly Frum would answer my questions that I want to ask him.

Yesterday Honestly Frum made a post about Yehuda Levin, here. I knew about Yehuda Levin for a long time now. I have seen his YouTube channel and videos, and I have heard some of his talks on Jewish radio. For those of you who do not know who Yehuda Levin is, he is like the Pat Robertson of the Orthodox Jewish world.

In my earlier response post to Honestly Frum I made the argument that Honestly Frum is not that deviated from the extreme "right-wing" (I do not know why these people are described as "right-wingers", but whatever, I will use the term everyone else seems to be comfortable with using even though I think a different term is suitable) form of Judaism. I said that Honestly Frum likes to present himself as some moderate and reasonable Orthodox Jew but in all actuality he is similar to the right-wingers of Orthodox Judaism that he complains about.

I will demonstrate my proposition about what I said of Honestly Frum. It will become apparent in these questions.

Honestly Frum, if you are reading this, then can you answer these questions? Begin the answer to every one of these questions as "yes" or "no". Then you may, if you wish, give a paragraph explanation to why you take the position that you take. Do not skip any of the questions.

1) Do you agree that the anti-homosexual movement is driven by religion? If not then can you explain why all anti-gay movements turn out to be religious?

2) Do you agree that the self-hatred that homos feel for themselves is the result of religion? If not then can you explain why this self-hatred is usually absent from secular or atheist homos living in secular communities?

3) Do you agree that if two good, honest, loving, and charitable men (or women) in the privacy of their own home have buttsex (or scissor) with one another then they have committed a greater evil than what Bernie Madoff did? If not then explain why under Torah and Talmudic Law the punishment for buttsex is death (a more severe form) while the punishment for theft is double-payment (a less severe form)?

4) Do you agree that if two men (or women) love each other and express their love in a sexual act then they are an "abomination"?

5) Do you believe that the Torah is the perfect word of God passed down exactly like it is to Moshe and that what it says regarding everything is perfectly moral?

6) Do you believe that if there was a Sanhedrin in place today, and Jews were ruled under Biblical and Talmudic Law in (Biblical) Israel, then it would be appropriate to kill two men who have buttsex with one another if they were brought to court by two witnesses as described in detail by the Talmud?

7) Do you believe that when Meschiach comes and the Jews are restored as a nation in the land of Israel that the Jews will set up a Sanhedrin court system that will judge people as described in the Bible and the Talmud?

8) Do you believe that the law system set up by the Jews of the generation of Meschiach would be a moral system of law?

9) Do you believe that it would be the responsibility of the state (the Jewish state under Meschiach) to carry out punishments and executions for homosexuals who want to live together ?

10) Do these questions make your uncomfortable?

11) Do you agree that Yehuda Levin would answer questions #3 through #9 as "yes" and that if you answer these questions as "yes" also then you are not much different from Yehuda Levin except in the difference that Yehuda would answer "no" to #10 and you would answer "yes".

Let us see if Honestly Frum is really honest.

(I do not expect any response back. He will use the excuse that my last post was "inappropriate" and that he does not want anything to do with me. Even though I stood away from some butt sex jokes in this post to remove any excuse from preventing Honestrly Frum to responding to these questions.)


  1. Haha, good luck with that. He can't answer because out of {honest, frum, not-anti-gay} one can only be two of three.

  2. I left another comment to Honestly Frum. It seems he is not going to be responding to me. I am not surprised. These religious people do not want to face what is uncomfortable for them.

  3. I agree with the overall content of this post but take a slight issue with this question:

    "2) Do you agree that the self-hatred that homos feel for themselves is the result of religion?"

    I would say that it is entirely possible for a society to be anti-gay, resulting in a self-hatred amongst homosexuals, without it being based on religion.

    "If not then can you explain why this self-hatred is usually absent from secular or atheist homos living in secular communities?"

    I don't think that it is usually absent from secular or atheist homos living in secular communities. I am sure many homosexual teens commit suicide because of the self-hatred inflicted by teasing peers. This teasing doesn't seem to be very religious leaning as in: "you are gay so you are evil/going to hell", but is more just social leaning as in: "you are gay so you are weird/not manly/uncool/etc."

    If it weren't for religion this anti-gay attitude would definitely be lessened, but I doubt it would be gone. There is nothing in religion that says boys shouldn't be nerds, but they still get teased and picked on which creates self-hatred and suicides as well.