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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why I Hates Adults

When I was a young kid I used to beat up a lot of people. By "beat up" I mean physically beat up. I could have easily been a bully since I was the toughest of all the kids. Though, I was no bully. I never bullied anyone in my life. Nor did I ever bother anyone intentionally. I was a nice kid. Which is why I think some kids started up with me. But unlike other nice kids that just stood silent, I was good with talking with my fists. Violence for me was self-defense.

I remember when I was 14 years old I was at someone's birthday party. One of the other invited boys to the party, whom I never met before, took something of mine. I asked him a few times to give it back. He ignored me. So I had to beat him up. It was a rather funny fight. He threw a punch, but he missed. I took a step forward. And he was not expecting this at all. I smashed my head into his face. He fell on the door, started crying, and ran away. I got my thing back. Some people would say that I took it too far, but I do not think so, I was just defending my property.

Guess what happened a few hours later? We made up. We became friends. I invited him over and he invited me over. Then we did stuff together and hanged out for several years until he disappeared strangely. He was a actually a cool guy.

Now let us consider how disputes take place in the adult world. Two "friends" who were friends for many years invite one another for dinner. At the table one person says, "how can you drink that (referring to soda)?", the other one might say, "I drink what I like", the other says something to the effect of, "well I think it is stupid for people to drink such unhealthy drinks". Then these adults act 'mature' (whatever that word means) and act as if nothing happened. But when they come home they never call one another again.

Or consider a different situation when one adult says, "Republicans messed up this country". The other friend is a Republican. These two friends go back and forth between one another a few times and then they get 'mature'. Which basically means they stop talking and after dinner never talk to one another again.

What I hate about adults is how easily they break up with people. Someone does something they do not like in the slightest and they never talk with one another again. I headbutted another kid in the face. And we made up as if nothing happened. He did not complain about how I hurt him and I did not complain about how he took something of mine. In the adult world you come across these adults who cannot handle situations like this. The smallest offense and they will complain about it for years.

This is why I do not want to "grow up" or get "mature", because I find nothing of value in the adult population. They are rather mean and boring people.

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