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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Math and Virginity

There seems to be a connection between doing math/being a math major and being a virgin. It is a common stereotype that mathematicians and math majors are virgins. This stereotype, like most stereotypes, are based on truth. Of course, not all math majors you would ever come across in college are virgins. But a far majority of them are.

I saw a funny statistic online here. I am not a fan of statistics, for many reasons. We can ask, for example, that these represents the rates of students that actually participated in this survey. It is likely to assume that the non-virgins are more likely to participate in the survey. Besides math majors always have non-normal students which have something mentally wrong with them. These are the kind of students that will probably not participate. So we must ask if these rates really represent all the students. I doubt it, in particular for math majors, I still think an 83% virginity rate for math is too low. But whatever, this statistics confirms the old stereotype about mathematicians that never get any pussy.

I know a lot of math majors. Some of them are normal people and get pussy. But most do not. Not only do they not get pussy but they have never been kissed by a girl. One of my good friends is even scared to talk with girls. I know he is not gay or asexual, because he watches straight porn. But he is just scared to talk with them. In fact I know several math majors that fit this kind of description, nice people, friendly, want to meet a girl, but just are too scared. I remember I had a young college professor that I looked up online. I managed to find him on some forum from years back saying that he is scared to talk with girls. (I have a different problem. I am not scared of girls. They are scared by me. My dangerous personality scares them, and my physical repulsion drives them away).

So I really think there is something up with doing math and being a virgin. Other kinds of people do not have the same struggles. Physicists and other scientists do not go through the same hassle as mathematicians go through, in general, to find some pussy.


  1. Hi, I found your blog searching for thoughtful writings about pedophilia. I am a pedophile. No, not a child molester, just someone who feels emotionally and sexually attracted towards little girls. I would never hurt one, because i don't have that desire. For me, pedophilia is just another sexual orientation like heterosexuality or homosexuality.

    I cannot stress enough how important is this paragraph

    "Now let us consider the pedophile. A pedophile is someone who has a sexual attraction to little children. This does not mean that a pedophile is someone who actually goes after little children for sexual reasons. Men are attracted to women very few actually forcefully go out after women. The same with pedophilia. There are pedophiles that admit they are pedophiles but have never harmed another kid."

    That is exactly the point I defend in my blog. Sadly, people think that pedophile=child molester, when that IS NOT true.

    I found your blog very interesting and intelectual. Not only your ideas about pedophilia, but also your philosophic and mathematics thoughts. So I salute you and wish you good luck, I will be reading your blog, most of the time silently, but I will add it to the links of my blog and comment it.

    Hope you don't mind my terrible English.

    Good luck ;)

  2. Hello. Pedophiles are welcome on this blog. ^^

    The belief that pedophiles want to harm your children is unfounded. A long time ago people said that homoexuals are evil and they want to harm your kids too. Today if you say something like that people would generally find what you said about homosexuals as reprehensible. Pedophilia is the same. People invent excuses to hate pedophiles even though what they say about pedophiles is not true.

    By the way, do you watch kiddie porn?

  3. No, i don`t watch CP, nowadays even to watch it is illegal. Besides, even some pedophiles are against it because some children involved in it are abused. But I DO support what you call "virtual child pornography", that is, lolicon and shotacon, which are just drawings, completely fictional.

    I found your "defending the wicked" series very, very interesting because it is not writed with irony or in a light fashion, but with good arguments. Also your posts about mathematics are very interesting. ^^

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