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Friday, October 8, 2010

Response to Honestly Frum

Honestly Frum made a most recent post about a gay Jewish couple which is going to marry . This is my response.

I have been reading Honestly Frum, from time to time, for like a half-a-year now. And I hate him. I hate him because he is the JezuzFreek777 (a Christian YouTuber, that perhaps some people might know of) kind. He tries to show himself off as some moderate Jew who happens to be reasonable, but in all actuality he is on the extreme side. If you read his "About Me", he says, "pointing out the ever growing extremism of the religious right". What is the only possible implication of that statement? Obviously, that he views himself as some moderate and reasonable Jew, not like the other Orthodox Jews he distances himself from.

Now there is nothing wrong with extremism. I am sure lots of people would call me an extremist. But here is the thing, I do not hide it. I do not hide what I really am and what I really believe. Honestly Frum does not do that. He is an Orthodox Jew, so he must accept the Torah's law that gays must be killed if they have buttsex. That is not moderation. See, at least Jewish Philosopher, as retarded as he is, and as evil as he is, does not hide his extremism. Honestly Frum does. That is what I so hate about him. So Fuck you. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. Fuck you and sit on my middle finger. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

Of course, he is not going to respond to me. Because I used, oh my science, nivel peh. Oh my science, these words, these words, they scare me! Run!

I am a douchebag. People who read some of my posts know that. I am a terrible person. And I am a pretty pathetic person. But I do not hide it. I do not pretend as if I am someone who I am not. This post alone testifies to this fact. But Honestly Frum why not be honest too, tell everyone that you want to retain the tribal Jewish ways without trying to seem moderate.

Anyway, let me get to the actual point I want to discuss.

Orthodox Jews, especially the fox-like ones like Honestly Frum, give the illusion that they reach out and help the homosexuals. They will tell you that they supported the event at YU. They will tell you that they support the Statement of Principles that was signed. But the reality of the situation is obvious to any outside observer to Judaism. It is Judaism itself that causes homosexuals to be depressed. It is Judaism to blame on their depression. (To be fair it is religion in general, not just Judaism, but I am concentrating on Jewish gays). What Judaism does is slaps the homo's face, makes them cry, and them pretends to reach out and care. The truth is that if Judaism never existed (and religion in general) there would be no anti-homosexuality movement.

Honestly Frum sees the marriage of a gay couple as a path downhill of morals in people. I have a question for you? What are you some 40 year old guy? People your age (I get the impression that you are in your 20's) are not supposed to be complaining about the decline of morality in our society. That is something for the 40 year olds to do. That is their job. That is for the Bill O'Reillys and the Sean Hannitys to complain about. The job of the 20 year olds is to fool around and make the 40 year olds angry.

But seriously now, what is there to be afraid of. The slippery slope that you are talking about is not a slippery slope, it is progress. There is no slippery slope. All what is happening is that people are slowly realizing the non-sense that is taught in Judaism and are abandoning it. The world is not worse, people are not worse, people are not meaner, people are not greedier, just because this progress is happening. So what can you possibly have against it?

Pre-marital sex. Oh my science, teenagers doing their normal biological functions and enjoying themselves, how terrible! Honestly Frum, pre-marital sex is great! You ought to try it sometime. You seriously need to get laid. In fact, the only good kind of sex is pre-marital sex. Marital sex is only good for the first week, or two weeks, then you realize that you must have sex with the same woman until you die, and she will get ugly soon. That is when you realize that marital sex was one big mistake. Long live pre-marital sex.

You ask, when acceptance starts when does it end? The answer is, it does not end anywhere. Social progress, or what you consider to be a slippery slope and the decline of our morals, is precisely accepting those people who are different. Today people have an issue with homosexuality. Tomorrow they will learn to accept them. The day after tomorrow they will learn to accept pre-marital sex. And this will continue going. And there is no stopping it now. Orthodox Judaism will fight as hard as it can to put a stop to this, but in the end they will lose, as it is losing today.

The point of all of this is that you are not some moderate. You belong to Orthodox Judaism and you want to see it kept the same way as it is. You just know how to act moderate. Just like Artscroll. Their series often look moderate, reasonable, and respectable, but really it is not. It is just Orthodox Judaism dressed up in more attractive clothing.


  1. lets see, on one side you have "kill the gays" and on the other you say there is absolutely nothing different/immoral about same sex sexual relationships

    now you have someone that comes along, kind of in the middle of that - and claims to be a moderate - and you say he is not a moderate?!?!

    whats up wit dat, whats up wit dat

  2. Your view of moderation is by falsely identifying one of the extremes.

    The extremes aren't "Homosexuality is entirely evil" vs "Homosexuality is neutral". The extremes are "Homosexuality is entirely evil" vs. "Homosexuality is entirely good". The opinion of the moderates is therefore that Homosexuality is neither moral nor immoral, but rather neutral. Being gay or acting on gay feelings isn't a bad action nor is it a good one, it has nothing to do with morality, it is just actions and preferences different people have. That is all.

    Your claim that the moderate attitude should be that "Homosexuality is partly evil or wrong" is not only offensive and misguided but is also at the very least extreme leaning and is in no way whatsoever the moderate position.

  3. Great post, you're really finding your voice. I agree completely -- you can't say that God wrote that pasuk and be a moderate about homosexuality, period. You can't contribute to Orthodox Judaism and not share in the blame for gay kids who grow up with self-loathing and depression.

    (I think your opinions about marital sex are based on nothing but stupid stereotypes and how the hell would you know, but I agree that premarital sex is a good thing and more people should have it.)

  4. "I think your opinions about marital sex are based on nothing but stupid stereotypes and how the hell would you know.";

    Maybe I was joking and looking for an excuse to offend some people?