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Monday, May 10, 2010

Free Bernie Madoff

This post will require what I said here.

Bernie Madoff should be freed from jail. His is a non-violent criminal. He is not dangerous at all. He never harmed a person in a physical manner. He is definitely a thief. That makes him a criminal, but he is non-violent nonetheless. Thus, there is no excuse to jail him in a system that claims to be "just". With Bernie all his money must be taken away from him. From his bank accounts and from all of his assets. That money should be used to repay back as many people as it possibly can. Of course, this is too much, but at least some repayment will do. Bernie would not get away with anything. He will repay and have all of this property gone. So one cannot accuse me of letting him go. Furthermore, his life is ruined at this point. He will not be able to make a career for himself, people hate him and despise him, he is finished as far as his life goes. There is absolutely no reason to enslave him.

Actually, there is a reason to enslave him. Just one reason. And only one reason. And that is vengeance. People want vengeance. They love vengeance. They want to see him suffer because he wronged them. Many say that 150 years (or whatever he got) is not even enough. Because for these people no time is enough. If it was 300 years that would not be enough. There is no limit that would satisfy them. Because all these people want is vengeance. I absolutely hate it how nearly everyone who supports him going to jail talks about how "just" it is. I fail to see this "justice" that everyone talks about. I want to hear "vengeance". Vengeance! Vengeance! Say it, I want to hear it, because I know your psychological motives. I am not stupid. I want to hear you openly admit that all you want is vengeance because you are unjust and that is what makes you feel better. But many do not admit that, they realize that it is no longer just, so they hide behind other excuses. I would certainly love to hear one person confess "vengeance!". If you admit to me that it is only about vengeance then I shall leave you alone. But do not tell me what you want is "justice".

Our system, the government, is actually run on the exact same scheme that Bernie pulled off, instead the one by the government is more massive and is legal, and not even optional. Social Security is the first example that enters my mind. It is taking money from the young generation to pay off the old. It might sound nice except for the fact that if Bernie was doing that he would be in jail, that and also that this system will bankrupt the social security of the current young generation. The Social Security system runs on the same ponzi scheme, there is no difference between Bernie and social security. In fact, I seen this joke in a newspaper, it was a comic of an agent interrogating Bernie. The agent asked Bernie, "okay, tell me where you got the idea of paying off the late investors with the early investors?", and Bernie responded, "from social security".

Our "justice" system is not about justice. It is about vengeance. And it is hypocritical. We enslave a person who did wrong despite the fact that the entire system that we live in runs on the very same scheme that he is punished for. I am not defending Bernie. Clearly, what he did was wrong, he ruined lives of so many people. All I am doing is exposing the truth. Exposing our hypocrisy, our deceit and our injustice. On the day Bernie was sentenced to jail for his injustice a bigger injustice was done to him.

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