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Monday, May 10, 2010

Generation of Pussies

I do not wish to substitute the past for the present. In general the future is always an improvement over the past except for a few sudden ruptures in history, but in an overall view history always improves. And the future shall continue to improve over the past. Thus, I have no longing to live in the past. However, there is something about the past that I greatly do admire over the present. People in the past were so much more braver than people today. Our generation is a generation of pussies. Indeed, the very fact that the expression "generation of pussies" insults many people and makes them uncomfortable only vindicates my point that we are a generation of pussies! Our generation consists of weak-minded people. Myself included, I am not saying that I am a super brave person among everyone else, I am a pussy just like everyone else, the only distinction between me and others is that I recognize this distinction.

Go back to 1776. Back in those days if you had an enemy, someone who insulted you, or something with whom you had a dispute, or you opposed each other philosophically, you might challenge each other to a duel. Of course, you or your opponent can back away from a duel, but one who did this retreat was seen as a pussy. The mechanics of the duel are very frightening. First, both opponents shoot at eachother with dueling pistols at a certain distance. If both of them are still alive then they take turns shooting back and forth until one opponent is dead. Try to imagine the horror of looking down a barrel of a loaded gun and not knowing whether you will stay alive or not. That is what people did back in those days. Some of our Founding Fathers have also dueled. But today many people are even afraid of a gun, let alone dueling!

I am not saying that dueling is great. All I am saying is that I admire the bravery that existed in those men. Those men were brave men. This element of bravery is missing from us today. I would certainly love to see people duel with another today, it would revive our dying bravery. Our death is a way to bring back to life our bravery! Of course, dueling would not exist today because guns are just way too efficient, dueling requires terrible pistols where there is an element of surprise. But that is besides the point.

But what do people do today? If one insults another, by calling him a "fag" or "nigger" or whatever other term or expression, what do they do? Many of them form special interest groups where they talk about their feelings. And then try to call up lawyers to get their enemies into trouble. We seriously have turned into giant pussies. Words scare us! Words! What have we become? What pussies have we turned to? It is just so embarrasing comparing the sensitivity of men from 18th century to men today. We are like little delicate flowers, men back then were made out of stone.

Or consider Alexander the Great. Now there was nothing great about him, he was a tyrant who went around from country to country killing out millions of people, but he was certainly brave. That is an honor we can give him. He stood and fought together with his troops at the front of the army. Hannibal, perhaps the greatest general from history, was the same. He too stood, not on a mountain top on a white horse, or in the end of his army, but all the way in the front, fighting side by side with his men. This is bravery that I admire. Of course, I am not encouraging massacring people, but I am encouraging us to become a little more brave. To grow a penis. To stop being so sensitive. To stop being so scared of words or expressions. To not to be afraid to be "intolerant" by disrespecting other people's beliefs.


  1. (The following comment has nothing to do with the entry to which it is attached: I would send it to "Spinoza" by e-mail, but as no address is given, I am posting it here.)

    I just found your blog and I find a lot of interesting material in it, but the white print on a black background is very fatiguing on the eyes. I suspect that you are driving away potential readers, as it is impossible to look at these pages for more than a few minutes at a time without discomfort.

  2. I changed my background upon your request, do you think it is easier to read now?