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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life from Non-Life

I am sure you heard the big news that biologists were able to create life. This is a victory for reason over religion. Religious people kept on saying how evolution cannot be true because life cannot come from non-life. First of all, evolution is not related to abiogenesis, disproving abiogenesis would not disprove evolution. Second of all, wrong, life can come from non-life. It was created. That is another gap that has been filled in the God of the Gaps. Now I wonder what else will come from the religious people? What other excuses would they still use for rejecting science? I guess they will say that "well where did the non-living parts come from?". Religious people do not impress me. They been playing this game of ignorance for thousands of years and each time they retreat one step back. For every discovery there is a new shadow, and they always retreat into that shadow. It is not interesting anymore. Religious people are out of arguments. They have been doing nothing than hiding behind ignorance for millenia.


  1. What kind of life did they create? Can please post the related article?

  2. Read about Craig Venter the scientist in charge in this breakthrough.