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Friday, May 7, 2010

Homosexuality is not Natural and not Normal

I hear often from people who say homosexuality is immoral (*cough* *cough* religious people *cough*) because it is not natural and not normal. They say that homosexual activity is not part of the natural order, and furthermore homosexuality is a like a disease, it is not normal, people who are gay suffer from this disease.

There are various kinds of people when it comes to the issue of homosexuality. You have the crazy fundamentalists who openly condemn homosexuality and say that gay people are going to go to hell if they life a gay lifestyle. These are the people who say that being gay is a choice. Then you have the conservative but not crazy fundamentalist. Those are the people who secretly are opposed to homosexuality but they do not want to make it seem as if it is a religious issue so they try to invent a secular reason to why homosexuality is immoral. The common objection that these theists have is that homosexuality is not natural and it is not normal therefore it must be that it is not moral. Then you have the moderate/liberal theist and sometimes secular people who object and says that homosexuality is perfectly normal and it is natural. And finally you have secular people like me who are the most rational with regard to the whole homosexuality thing (yes, I know, I am not very humble, but whatever, deal with it).

Before I begin to say what I want to say on homosexuality I want to express the hidden motive behind conservative religious people who are opposed to gay marriage. These people, unlike the crazy fundamentalists, are capable of realizing that in the United States there is a separation between church and state. Therefore, if they have an objection to homosexuality it must be a secular reason. It cannot be based on any religious idea. Thus, these conservatives must pull some secular reason out of their anus (kind of ironic, they are opposed to homosexuality, but they have no problem shoving their hands up their anus) to oppose gay marriage. Their real psychological analysis is obvious, they are against homosexuality for religious reasons, but they do not want to openly admit that so they hide behind secular reasons.

Let me return back to the topic that I started with. Is homosexuality natural? Is homosexuality normal? As far as natural goes, I have to ask the question, can you name me something that is not natural? Everything is part of the natural universe, governed by natural clockwork laws, everything that has happened and shall happen is the direct consequence of these laws. Thus, I ask, what is unnatural? I do not understand what it means to say "homosexuality is unnatural". In fact, I have the same problem with enviromentalists who say that driving cars is "unnatural". What does it mean to say that "driving cars is unnatural"? I do not understand. Cars are made from metals, those are natural, they are made by people, those are natural, it runs on gasoline, that is natural, so the entire thing is natural. How can it not be natural? The whole unnatural objection does not make sense to me. Let me therefore move on to the next point, that homosexuality is not normal. Normal means to be part of the norm. Being a homosexual is not the norm. It is a small precentage. Indeed, if people were homos then our species would not exist. It is a necessity of evolution for people to be hetro. It can only mean that being a homosexual is not a normal condition, it must be some neurological mental disease. I agree with this statement. Being gay is not normal. This is my take on the conservative objection to homosexuality.

Now let us examine the moderate/liberal theist and a secular take on the conservative objection to homosexuality. They refute the conservatives by saying that homosexuality is in fact natural. We see homosexuality in the animal kingdom. Other animals, besides human beings, practice homosexuality. Therefore, not only is homosexuality perfectly natural, but it is also normal because we find it in other species.

I have problems with what religious moderates and some secular people say in the above paragraph concerning homosexuality. First, the same problem about what "unnatural" and "natural" means. Moderatres and some secularists point to the fact that animals engage in homosexual behavior, therefore it is natural. I do not understand. And if animals did not engage in homosexual behavior and humans did then that would be "unnatural"? Humans have advanced communication language, does it mean that language is also "unnatural" because animals do not speak? Second, I do not see why homosexuality being natural (whatever that even means) implies that it is normal. I explained that normal means being part of the norm, deviation from the norm, is therefore "not normal", and so homosexuality must be a neurological condition, or a "disease" if you want to make it sound more harsh.

Before people think of me as "intolerant" and "homophobic" for daring to suggest that homosexuality is a neurological disease know that I am bisexual. Therefore, I have a neurological disease too. I think some guys are sexy too. That is not normal.

My whole problem with the whole "is homosexuality natural?" and "is homosexuality normal?" is that these questions are not moral questions! Homosexuality is not normal. So what? Who cares? Why should we care? People who only have one eye are also not normal, does it follow that they are immoral? No. Of course not. It would be retarded to conclude morality from what is normal or not. Besides what is "normal" is often unimportant. Consider this thought experiment. It is not normal, and therefore a psychological illness, to be obsessive-compulsive. But consider that we lived in a world where almost everyone was obsessive-compulsive. Then the normal people (in our world) would be no longer normal in this other world. The message behind this thought experiment is that what is normal and what is not is not a big deal. In fact, normal is boring, every talk with normal people about normal things? It is so brain numbing. I like eccentric people who talk about insane things. If anything being not normal is more moral. Besides, being no one is normal with regard to everything, each one of us deviates from something else, thus, in a strange humorous way, it is not normal to be normal.

That is my problem with people who try to argue for or against homosexuality by seeing it as normal vs not normal and natural vs unnatural. Who cares? What does this has anything to do with whether or not homosexuality is moral or not. People who spend time on these questions miss the point entirely.

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