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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Live Each Day as if it Was Your Last

I have heard people say that we should live every day as if it was our last day. Their reasoning is that if we do so then we treat every day more preciously than if we were to life it as a typical day. I have never heard anyone object to this before, perhaps because this idea sounds reasonable and enlightened. But I will object to it. Because it makes no sense. If I life today as if it was my last then it follows I cannot live tomorrow as if it was my last because I do not plan for tomorrow, for dead people never think about tomorrow. If I life today as it was my last day then I do not care what happens for tomorrow because it will never come again, that is what living today as last day means. Thus, if I start to life my day today as if it was my last then I have to pretend that all the following days will never come. This is a terrible idea. If I really was to live my day today as if it was my last then I should go and take out a big loan because I am not concerned about the future, for I am pretending it is my last day. Dead people do not pay of their loans so they do not have to be concerned about their loans. This means if I was to start living today as if it was my last then it will do damage to my future days. So this idea of "live each day as it was was your last" that many people preach is actually a bad idea. Most people say that they agree with this view but they do not live by it because it is too hard. But I reject it mainly because it is too stupid.

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  1. I agree that how a person perceives "time" and how it relates to "living" is interesting. I enjoy living in the moment the most. Any other perceived time is a chosen reality. I enjoy thinking about my past or tossing a future salad together now and then as well. Life can be fun, when we choose it to be. Life can be too real, when we choose it to be. Balance seems to be a challenge between such choices. Because change is constant, balance is inconsistent. So, I choose to live in the moment, in the past, and in the future so that I may enjoy all that life has to offer. IMO, fearing death (living today as if it were the last) is a waste of time.