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Monday, May 10, 2010

Stupid Brain Center Hypothesis

It seems to me that there is a part of the brain, whether this is an actual physical region of the brain, or whether what I am saying is just metaphorical language, that is the "stupid center". The stupid center of the brain is that part of the brain which is responsible for people having dumb ideas.

The stupid center of the brain also obeys two properties. First, the stupid center is like a void that needs to be filled in. If the stupid center has no dumb ideas in it then it will search for dumb ideas to collect into itself. Second, the stupid center is limited in what it can hold, that is to say, once the stupid center is filled up it will not take any more stupid ideas into it.

One example of the stupid center of the brain that most people have is obviously religion. But once the stupid center absorbs religion it is filled up with "stupid stuff". And so it would mean that the stupid center would not absorb any other stupid ideas other than its religious ones.

Religious people, in general, are normal people outside of their religion, and they can apply common sense well to those matters outside their religion, they simply turn off their reasoning skills in matters of religion. But outside religion they are rather normal. Many secular people are not the same with matters outside of religion. Secular people are reasonable when it comes to religion, but when it comes to other matters they give into dumb ideas.

When was the last time you ever saw an Orthodox Jew who was some insane environmentalist, or a feminist, or some crazy animal rights activist working for PETA? Or who was obsessed into eating organic food or buying only low-fat vitamin D yogurt? Or an Orthodox Jew who brought himself a Prius because it was pro-green, or a big fan of Al Gore? Never. I never met any such Orthodox Jews. Or perhaps if they do exist, you hardly ever hear of them.

When the stupid center of an Orthodox Jew has been filled up with religion, it will no longer take into itself any dumb ideas. So when it comes to all of those dumb ideas listed above one would hardly ever find an Orthodox Jew who follows through with them. Orthodox Jews are quite reasonable when it comes to being an insane environmentalist, or a feminist, or some crazy PETA supporter. They, in general, have good common sense against these dumb ideas.

But how often have you met secular people in your life that were insane environmentalists, or feminists, or some crazy animal rights PETA members? Or how many secular people have you met that were obsessed with eating only organic food or buying themselves only low-fat yogurt with vitamin D? How many people secular people are proud that they drive around in a Prius? How many secular people adore Al Gore? Not that many in percentages, but the secular people far exceed religious people in these matters of stupidity.

The reason being why secular people are so much more likely to fall for these dumb ideas than Orthodox Jews (or very religious members of other religions) is because Orthodox Jews (and other very religious members) have filled up their stupid centers. It will not take any more dumb ideas. Secular people, however, do not have their stupid center filled up with religion (or even if they are slightly religious, it is only a little portion of the center) and so they are more likely to accept the dumb list of ideas mentioned above. The stupid center of secular people needs to be filled up with some other non-sense.

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