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Friday, May 7, 2010

I Oppose Gay Marriage

I oppose gay marriage. No seriously. Despite the fact that in this previous post I made is implicitly clear that I got no problem with homosexuality. Moreover, I admitted there that I am bisexual, so 1/2 of me is gay. People would probably find it strange how I can oppose gay marriage if that means that I oppose 1/2 of myself.

There is nothing strange to my opposition because I oppose straight marriage too. I oppose all marriage equally. When I say "marriage" I mean the state being involved in the relationships between couples or polygamists. That is not the proper function of a state. The state needs to stay out of marriage and let people settle their own affairs. Be they traditional straight couples. Be they homos. Be they polygamists. Or even be they gay polygamists. Let people live the way they want and the state should simply stay out of people's own lives. My opposition to gay marriage would be strange if I opposed gay marriage but supported straight marriage. But in actuality I oppose all marriage. People should be able to live how they please and they can define their relationship in whatever way they want. If they want to call it "marriage" they can, if they want to call themselves "butt buddies" they can, if others do not want to acknowledge butt buddies as "married" then they do not have to. Whatever is up to the people to decide.

There is also another problem that I have with legalizing gay marriage. Namely, the term "legalizing gay marriage" is rather insulting. Let me ask the question, is straight marriage legalized? No. Straights do not need to be legalized, there are simply no laws prohibiting straights from getting married. The more appropriate term is that straight marriage is "not illegal" rather than "legal". What "legalizing gay marriage" sounds to me is that the straights giving permission to the gays to get married. That is quite insulting. The straights never got permission from anyone to get married. Yet they can decide whether or not to give the gays permission to get married. This is why, again, I think the best option is to simply remove the state from marriage and let the people live how they want.

What I said above is my opposition to gay marriage (and to all marriage) in principle. But knowing that there is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program I must conclude that it will be forever until straight marriage is abolished, if ever; I support gay marriage. I support it even though it violates my principles above because I just do not see how it is possible to get rid of marriage entirely from the people. It is so much more easier to simply legalize gay marriage and then in the future to work to abolish marriage altogether. That is my final take on gay marriage. Legalize it now, then work in the future to get rid to marriage altogether, hopefully before the polygamists demand to be legalized (they would demand equality under the law and rightly so), otherwise marriage would be so much more complicated.


  1. So you're saying we should get married? ((bspinoza)) :)

  2. "So you're saying we should get married?"

    I am saying that ideally marriage should exist only on an individual level and the people decide what its function is. The state has no role in this at all.