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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dick Sucking Morality

Something been really bothering me. I have asked some people online (as I am a loser with no friends in real life, which is why I write online because other losers get to read me) if I paid them a lot of money in the condition they suck a dick. And like all of them tell me that they will never do that.

Why the fuck not? How stupid can you possibly be? Okay, maybe not money, maybe something else. How about immortality? Or how about a perfect healthy life? Or a perfect happy life? Whatever, some sort of reward for sucking on a dick.

Why the fuck would you not suck on a dick if you have a chance to make yourself so much better off now than you been before? It makes no sense at all. Think about this. If I offered you 100,000 dollars to suck on a cucumber you would do it. You have no sexual attraction to the cucumber but you would still do it. You just stick it in your mouth, suck, and done, finished. Now you are 100,000 dollars richer. That was it. Big deal. For such a trivial action you had an amazing amount of compensation.

You know what I think of you if you tell me, "I will not do it". I think you are retarded. You seriously need to be stupid not to accept such a deal like that. Think about it, a dick in your mouth feels almost like a cucumber in your mouth. All you got to do is shut your eyes and pretend you got a cucumber in your mouth. Finished. It is over. You need to have a terrible intelligence not to accept this.

I call this the "dick sucking morality". So many guys think it is moral to not suck dicks. They think there is something virtuous or profound about refusing to suck a dick for a reward. Virtuous? It is dumb. There is nothing moral in it. I can understand you refusing to kill someone for money because in that case you can at least come up with some sort of argument to why you should not do it. But a dick? Come on. What is wrong with you? What is holding you back?

I will tell you what is holding you back. Morality. The invented concept of morality whose function is to control people. Any amoral rational person will realize that a dick suck is the most efficient means to maximize his utility. You are being controlled by an external force. And for that you are weak. But you do not think of yourself as weak. You think you are strong as you refuse a reward. But this is not true. You are weak, as you cannot overcome your fabricated morals against homosexual practices, you cannot overcome the social fabrication that homosexuality is repulsive. The fact that you cannot overcome that means you are the weak one.


  1. So you suck dicks. Hooray for you. (Sarcasm) What, do you want a cookie? What else should we expect from a fake-Jew who is really a Calvinists devil-worshipper who believes in determinism? Your demon-god predestined you to suck dicks, right? or wait, do you ascribe your determinism to the random movement of atoms in the past? Either way, you are the idiot. The funny thing is, you, the determinist who believes all his actions are predetermined by some Calvinist-demon-god or by random movements of, of all people, say to us "You are being controlled by an external force." You're the determinist: aren't you the one that believes that you are being controlled by an external force? We believe in free-will, and we choose not to be retarded losers. Even dogs don't suck dicks. You are lower than a dog, and you're proud of it. We choose to not live as animals, or rather below animals since your lifestyle is below even that of a dog. And you have the gall to call yourself a Jews. Are you trying to foment antisemitism by pretending that your fag self is a Jews?

  2. It's got nothing to do with morality. It's because they find it repulsive. As an autistic, You forget that most people have feelings.

  3. First you're an ableist piece of shit and a wannabe rapist.
    Second stop assuming your reader is a man.
    I'm not forced to do things just because some random piece of shit says they'll give me money for that. It is true whatever my gender is, whatever the gender of the person is.
    It happened so often since I'm just 11 and is just insulting. Someone exercising their right to CONSENT is AMAZING AND GREAT. You're disgusting for calling someone ableist slurs because they do not want to suck someone else's dick, but so many shitty people are like you. Ew. You're the one trying to control people to force them to suck your or someone else's dick by shaming them.
    Plus, I don't want to suck a man's dick because I'm a lesbian! What's wrong with me? Nothing, but I've heard it before that something was wrong with me because I do not want to suck a man's dick, how unoriginal and hypocritical Mr You're homophobic. If it's a woman's dick, I'll do it if I'm attracted to her, but it's not "retarded" or "stupid" that I don't want to. Plus, some gay men will not want to suck your dick! It does not mean they aren't gay or are self-hating, and they don't have to give you any reason for not consenting, it's their fucking agency over their body. Sorry that I find rape and sexual assault repulsive.
    Seriously, in that situation, if I suck your ugly dick, I'll have panic attacks over that horror for a long time. I guess you don't care because you're that shitty, think you're better than other people... more reasons not to suck your dick. Now be a bit respectful with people, their boundaries, their right to consent and all.

    1. (And I can also not consent while being attracted to her. Being attracted to someone does not mean I'm obligated to have sex with them if for whatever reason I don't want to.)

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  5. Sucking dick is about all a jew is good for