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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Humans are Repulsive

Who is the most beautiful person you ever seen? What celebrity or what famous porn actress amazes you with their beauty? But that beauty that you see is only an external beauty, an illusion over what people really are.

How do people look inside? You should watch (or perform if you ever get this chance) an autopsy. Autopsy is such a humbling experience. It is a revelation for any person of how we really look on the inside. Our outside bodies which is only a covering of what we look on the inside. If we remove this cover then we really see how we look like.

We are pathetic meatbags on the inside. Every single one of us. Among the most beautiful people to the most ugly people we are all equally hideous on the inside. Our organs are a horror sight. Blood pouring all around us bones shattering within us. We are all the same.

Civilizations worship the human body for its amazing beauty. But they never consider what the human body really looks like. An ultimate form of repulsion and disgust. And that is how we all end. This is how we die. We can be the most beautiful people in the world but in the end we are blood and worms. In the end we are all a horror sight. We focus on the outside beauty to ignore the repulsion that lies within ourselves. An ultimate reminder of how worthless we are and how terribly unimportant we are in comparison to the universe.


  1. Yes, dead bodies are ugly and so is the destructive act of autopsy. If you ever get to see the inside of a living human being it's actually quite elegant and beautiful.

  2. "Sak Maley Dam V'Tzoah...vkulam mradfin achareho...."
    does that sound familiar? Do you need a translation?

  3. Why would you even think of this stuff? What the hell is wrong with you? Oh, I already know: you're a determinist which means a diabolist.

    "An ultimate reminder of how worthless we are and how terribly unimportant we are in comparison to the universe."

    You're a Calvinist, not a Jew. And you are anti-human. You'd wipe out the human race to save itchy algae if you could. Your problem is that you project your own mental disease on to everyone else. This is what Calvinists always do. They say we are born "totally depraved." No, sorry, only you Calvinists are. Don't project your spiritual disease onto me: its all yours. You determinists are the ones who are totally depraved. The rest of us are just fine, thank you very much.

  4. I have read some buddhists counciled monks to view women this way in order to negate their innate desire. It's certainly true that the insides of a body are hard to describe as beautiful (although this is a subjective value judgement, possibly a feature of our biology) - but their have their own aesthetic and if you were to examine the structure and workings of the body under a microscope you may find beauty in the inner stuctures of cellular and molecular arrangements.

    I'd also like to say the Leonarda Da Vinci obviously didn't share your opinion in his lovly rendered anatomically drawings - and it is the curiousity overiding typical human discust which has been instrumental in improving western medicine (albeit horrifyingly crude to start with)

    Still to address the egalitarian concept you're making - we are all them same in our internal horrifyingness - however this (and other human similarities) don't invalidate the ways in which we are different (a point which I believe you've argued in favour of). One can reduce appreciation of humanity on the basis of your argument and I suppose it's good for engendering humilty, but it denies the other equally true and more uplifting ways of viewing people which might assist in leading a more enjoyable life.

  5. I was looking forward for something a bit more, uhmmm... deep.
    I mean you criticize our physical appearence and our devotion to it but you are still against our PHYSICAL appearence when you talk about our inner organs.
    I don't find them repulsive at all...
    It's just OPINION.