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Monday, March 7, 2011

Teenagers Have Freest Minds

What I love about teenagers, other than fucking them, is that they have interesting minds. Teenagers are often that part of one's life when they are a rebellious and sometimes individualistic. Not always though, they very often form their own groups and stick to the implied rules. But adults do that too, and to a larger degree, I would say.

Life is eating bullshit. From the moment you are born your brainwashed indoctrinated parents feed the bullshit they were fed when they were children. It is not their fault. They are feeding you much of the same bullshit they ate when they were children. And this process continues. Parents feeing their children bullshit. Their kids grow up and then feed their children the bullshit they were fed. And so on.

It is not just our life it is the entire history of people. For nearly every part of history people were eating bullshit. Eating so much bullshit that it was coming out of their mouth, nose and ears. Then people had wars with one another, because they ate different bullshit. They would tell one another, "my bullshit is better than your bullshit". Then they went to war and died over bullshit.

The most abundant element is not hydrogen but bullshit. And I know there is going to be some chemist who will tell me that bullshit contains hydrogen. Well, do you know what hydrogen contains? Not quarks, deeper than that. No, not strings, deeper than that. What is at the bottom of the rabbit hole, Alice? Bullshit, that is what. This world is entirely bullshit.

It were only a few select individuals who were able to see past through this bullshit. All the slight improvements people have went through in history was the result of an inspiration of some person who was able to influence the world to see the bullshit, or at least question their bullshit. But largerly the world was unchanged otherwise, still running on the very same bullshit.

That is life for you, eating on bullshit. Children are helpless victims of having bullshit stuffed down their mouths as they are growing up. Adults are even worse. Adults been eating their bullshit for their entire lives. For fifty years, for sixty years, the bullshit that they ate no longer fits into them anymore.

Teenagers are the only age group that I look up to more than others. Sure they are dumb and stupid, but so is mostly everybody. Adults are also extremely dumb, they just have experience how to live life (or to put it another way, how to live with this bullshit and be used to it). But teenagers have something special.

Teenagers still have a chance to escape from the bullshit that is being fed to them. Teenagers have the mind to question the bullshit they were taught as children. While at the same time not yet in the world of bullshit. It gives them a little of hope to try to live their lives to avoid bullshit whenever possible.


  1. "What I love about teenagers, other than fucking them"
    lol - yeah, right... no doubt some young stud with a foot-long shlong is letting you give him your meat daily...

  2. "lol - yeah, right... no doubt some young stud with a foot-long shlong is letting you give him your meat"

    What is that supposed to mean?

  3. actually most teenagers are more sensitive to peer pressure than any other age.
    But adults are more subject to economic pressure which is worse.