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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Good Old Days

I really hate it when people, especially old people, talk about the "good old days". You know, the days when everything was perfect and wonderful.

You often hear old conservatives talk about this. Especially when it comes to the "moral decline of our society", and the "perversion of our times", also the "promiscuity of our generation", and its "extreme stupidity". They remind us of their good old days, days which they claim did not decline in morals, and were superior to our modern values in every way.

Here is the problem. Every generation was perverted and promiscuous. You know why? Because for the necessity of survival people fucked all the time. This is not some new recent phenomenon, the cavemen were doing it 100,000 years ago. Boys masturbated just as much 100 years ago as they did today. Because masturbation is a way to satisfy the necessity for promiscuity. There was no evil conspiracy to make the boys masturbate, they did it on their own. Blame nature for making us promiscuous. And there was just as much adultery and cheating going on back then than as it is now.

Except one thing has changed. People are much more comfortable being open sexually. That is all that changed. Back in the "good old days" if you came out as homosexual people would hate you. Back in the "good old days" if you told people you like porn or sex people will think you are perverted and evil.

What changed between the "good old days" and the modern days is that in the modern days people are more honest about themselves. It was in the good old days when people were ashamed of their own desires, it was in the good old days when the people were mentality weak and had to confine themselves to the mentality of slaves to be disgusted with themselves. But the people are still the same.

And it gets worse and worse with age. The older someone is the more they miss the good old days. Just to remind you that people owned slaves, and when there were world wars, and when women were on a sub-human level to men. How is that exactly looking up to the past? The past sucks. And yes the present sucks. But at least the future is unwritten. Instead of deluding ourselves for the past, we can try to make the future more enjoyable. And you know why you miss the "good old days", because you were young once, and you miss that portion of your life when you were young. Young people have the freest minds, they have lowest control from authority, and that is what you really miss. It is only when you become an adult do you accept the bullshit around you that your life becomes miserably pathetic, so you miss your teenage years.

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