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Monday, March 14, 2011

Political Non-Sense Test

I am sure you have seen this test many many times before.

I am amazed and astounded by how many people take this test seriously. This test is complete garbage. When I took this test some time ago, and no, I am not taking it now, it is too much of a waste of time, I ended up in the middle! That is right, according to this test I am some sort of moderate. Me, a moderate, that is funny. I am extreme in my views, I am crazy, I am a nut-case and I am madly insane. There is no way I can be in the middle. But according to this test I am in the middle.

I have taken tests before that have given the correct results. This test is complete garbage. It would be excusable if this was a bad test since a lot of stuff on the internet are stupid, but it is not excusable because so many people take this test seriously. People have told me I should check out where I stand politically and gave me this test.

But this test gets even more ridiculous. You can look at this chart:

Look at where they put Hitler. According to them Hitler was on the right-wing. Since when? Since when has Hitler been on the right-wing? Since never. Hitler ran for the National Socialist Labor Party of the Workers. That is as left-wing as you can possibly be. Hitler should way over to the left wing right next to Joseph Stalin. In truth there was not a big difference between Stalin and Hitler. If you are on the right-wing you are in favor of capitalism. Ayn Rand was on the right-wing. Milton Friedman was on the right-wing. Because they are capitalists. I am on the right-wing for I am also a capitalist retard myself. If you are on the left-wing then you are in favor of social programs by the government, rather than those programs being done privately. Nowhere in Hitler's platform did he stand for such an idea, he was in favor of heavy government programs. To say that Hitler was a right-winger is to be completely ignorant of what left-winger and right-winger means.

Then look at where they put Milton Friedman. According to them if Milton was to take that test he would end up all the way on the right and near the authoritarian division. I took the test, I am influenced by him, I think it is fair to say that what I score on it would be similar to what he scored on it. But I ended up nowhere close to where he is. This test is garbage.

What troubles me even more is that they put Friedman near the authoritarian dividing line. Let us consider Friedman's social positions. Friedman would be in favor of gay marriage. Okay, he would probably want to abolish all state marriage, but in the time being I am sure he would support gay marriage. He was in favor of getting rid of all the drug laws. In that way he is even more liberal than the liberals who only want to cut the drug laws for marijuana. I have actually never heard Friedman talk about guns but I am pretty sure he was in favor of them too. He would oppose any kind of FCC control of content. So how can he possibly be put near the authoratian division line? Milton should be all the way in the bottom right corner.

This test is clearly biased. I would guess that it was probably made by liberals. I have no idea, it is hard to imagine conservatives coming up with such a test. It is biased against anyone on the right-wing. Their implicit message is that anyone who is on the right-wing shares a similar economic position as Hitler - which is not true, and that they are close to being authoritarian as Friedman. They want to discourage people from being on the right-wing. Furthermore, I cannot get to the right-wing when I take the test. If it is hard to score right on this test then perhaps the message is that you are a liberal so you should vote as one.

And let me make this clear. I have no problem with bias. I am biased as fuck. I have no problem with anyone being biased about anything, bias is good. The big problem here is that the test is not fair. The test seems to be rigged in a way to be anti-right and move you to the left. I am biased but I am fair. I may make fun of people who disagree with me but I do honestly listen to their position. If this test had fair results then its bias can be excused. But it does not. It is both biased and unfair.

I have taken political compass tests that were fair and accurate. They put me exactly where I belonged. Take those tests. But whatever you do, ignore this test like a plague, its unfairness is equivalent to dividing by zero.


  1. I wound up near Hitler myself, this ticks me off. I am seeing a trend among liberal folk lately....that they think everyone else, no matter who they meet is liberal too. Funny thing happened to me during the elections, a buddy walked up to me all excited. She asked me if I was going to vote for Obama, I said that I was not interested in him, so she then said- "I see, you are voting for Clinton"

  2. Wow, you have no idea what you're talking about. Just like this test shows, economically Hitler was somewhere in the middle. There were government programs, basically like everywhere at that time (keynesist era, remember?), but there also was heavy collaboration with private corporations, like Krupp AG or IG Farben. And taxes for rich were much lesser than in USA (where at that time, the biggest income tax was more than 90%) - that's why the rich and conservatives supported Hitler's rise to power.

  3. And speaking of that: "If you are on the right-wing you are in favor of capitalism."

    Really. Go back to school. Term "the right" was coined by supporters of French absolute monarchy, which economically meant mercantilism, not capitalism.

    And speaking about National Socialism again, it's no conspiracy of that site, it is classified as far right (wholistically) even by German political science.