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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Public Teachers and Schools

Let us suppose that I hire some guy to repair my house. The next day I come over and my walls are painted over. Something I never asked for. He tells me that all I have to do is pay him more and he will paint the walls to what they were and repair everything. I come over the next day and now the walls are scratched up. He tells me the same thing, he just needs more time. The next day my walls are beginning to crumble. What kind of a mad-man must I be to continue to employ this guy? If someone is not able to do his job, you fire him. No reasonable person will continue to employ him and expect to get something out of it.

Now consider public schools. They have been in place for a long time already. And they are only declining in their value. For the past ten, twenty, maybe even thirty years the public schools have been doing downhill. Their results are embarrassingly bad, test results are getting worse. And what is the solution that most people propose to this problem? More money needs to spend! Somehow not enough money is being spend on public education. That is what has been going on already, more money was being spend - and there were no positive changes. By what madness and insanity can people propose to spend even more and more money? If this behemoth is falling apart then it is time to fire it. The whole public education system needs to end, or at least changed in very radical ways.

And of course when you say that public education needs to be fired. People think of you as some sort of manic, "what you do not want children to be educated?", they will tell you. Look, you had decades to do something about this education problem and nothing been done, stop telling me how you contribute to the education of children. I actually care about proper education, this is why I oppose this behemoth. I can guarantee you if there was no public education and we only had private schools here in the US that were in such a bad condition as public schools people would be screaming and furious for the state to take over education. However, this kind of outrage is passive when it comes to the already existing model.

Then there are the teacher unions. Who are not happy with their current salary. These public teachers have benefits to them that most other people do not have. They do not have to work in the summer time. They also get to retire earlier. I believe they also get their retirement deals without any of the risks attached that other people do. These teachers are protected from competition, it is really hard to fire them, if you get a position as a public teacher you can be sure you will have the job till the end of your life. And finally they have much higher salaries when compared to the national average, more than private school teachers.

Somehow these people are not happy with their current salaries. They want more and more for themselves. You know what that is called: greed. But of course, it will never be called "greed" because these are public teachers who are selfless servants for the education of poor children. And even if their benefits get cut they are still better off than the national average.

But why are benefits being cut for these holy selfless servants who have no self-interest whatsoever? Because there is no money available to sustain all of these benefits. And why not? Because government is a big giant ponzi-scheme. You take money from one group and give it to another. You promise the current citizens all the good benefits and they get supported by the working generation, and when the working generation retires their benefits get supported by the next working generation. So forth and so forth. That is how much we suck as a species. We take from the unborn to pay off the people now. And we never stop to think that perhaps ponzi-schemes are not sustainable. If ponzi-schemes are not sustainable then what would happen in 50 years from now when all of those good fortune promises turn out being empty? We never stop to think about the generations below us, as long we are are doing fine, fuck them, we are all that matter. So all of these cuts that are being done now you are going to see more of them in the future, that is what happens with these schemes, some people are going to be fucked over.

Do not misunderstand me though. I am not blaming the public teacher unions. It is really not their fault. One of my messages that I try to communicate is not to look for scapegoats. Do not search for people to point to and say "they are the fault of all our problems". Not only it is a wrong thing to do, it is entirely counter-productive as it stops you from looking for real answers that explain the problems we are facing. The problem is not the president, the problem is not teachers, it is not the rich bankers, it is not the homosexuals in California, and it is not the Jews. The problem are ideas. The problem is the irrationality on what the whole system is based on. That is what we need to be fighting against, ideas, not people. Let me give you an analogy to clear this up. Consider religion - one of the great evils perpetuated against mankind. It is okay to hate religion, but not to hate religious people. Religious people are simply the result of indoctrination that was put into them as children. They are not the problem. The problem is the idea that was put into their head. So we should look at ideas within our existing system to understand where the problems are coming from and not put that blame on groups of people within this system. Yes, it is true, public teachers suck, they want to get as much as possible for as little risk and work as possible, but guess what, we all do, we all want that, we all suck.

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