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Monday, March 7, 2011

Studies Show that Studies are Non-Sense

If you want to say something so that nobody would ever question or challenge you, start your sentence by saying "studies show". That is the ultimate winner in a conversation. Because studies are irrefutable scientific facts that nobody can object to. Anyone who was to challenge you must mean he is a primitive caveman who rejects science.

You know how studies are collected? I have no idea. They can be collected in any way. They can be collected by fifty years of the highest quality of testing. Or they can be collected by a bunch of graduate schools who who were busy fucking eachother more than paying attention to their actual experiments. They carelessly preformed those experiments submitted it as part of their research project as they were on a week trip in Paris.

Unless you can tell me exactly how those numbers were collected and who did the collecting I am not interested in what any study said. Just say what you want to say without claiming what you are saying is irrefutable true because some study shows it.

But the basic reason why I do not pay attention to studies is that they contradict themselves more than the Bible. One week I see a headline which says, "new study shows that drinking coffee causes cancer". In a week I see a new headline which says, "a study says that drinking coffee helps reduce risks for cancer". Next week later it is the other way around.

It amazes me, I just cannot comprehend, how these poeple who read these studies take them seriously. Do these people not realize that every week there is a new contradiction to their previous study? Some people actually take this kind of stuff seriously. If they do, how can they deal with the never ending contradiction to what they do in response to these studies?

Just relax. Stop being so worried and concerned. Ignore these studies and enjoy yourself with what you enjoy eating or drinking. If you die a few years younger then you lived a happier life with less worries.

I made my own study, if you are interested. My study shown that all studies are non-sense and are always wrong.

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  1. It is one's professional due diligence to assess a given study's legitimacy and the statistical significance of their findings before taking their conclusions into one's practice. Scientific studies are the backbone of modern medicine. What you hear about on the tabloids or six o'clock news are generally sensationalized headlines of mediocre reports.