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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Sane are Insane

What is insanity? Insanity is defined to be the state of losing ones understanding of the world around them. Someone who believes he is Jesus and jumps of the cliff to show he can fly is said to be insane, as that he cannot understand that he is not Jesus and that humans have no ability to fly.

What is interesting to realize is that what the masses believe is delusional as it is entirely separate from how this world really is. Most of the world is still religious, one big delusion right there. Almost everyone in the world believes that you should vote for a politician as they really care for you and will act to make you better, another huge delusion right there. How many people believe that they have a goal to their lives? How many people believe that a relationship is based entirely on altruism and the spouse really loves the partner more than themselves? How many people believe that family is more important than anything in the world?

All of these are insanities, as they are false with the world around us. I will not bother to explain why these are insanities as I have explained every one of these points somewhere elsewhere on this blog.

Keep in mind that the masses believed in ridiculous stupid things about in the 1500's. They believed that the planet was flat. They believed that dragons existed. They believed the king cared for them. Today we recognize all of these ideas to be ridiculous and so by today's standard these people would be insane. But in their current time, if you lived in the 1500's, these ideas that they shared were called "sane".

This trend of the masses believing in insanity has existed with humanity since the beginning. Why should we think that these days are different? We have less insane people today as we have gotten smarter, but we are still very much insane.

However, the masses are the majority. They are the common rule. And as such they will always declare themselves to be the "sane". Remember that winners usually write the history books.

Then there are individuals who reject the interpretation of the masses and they rebel against their ways. However, these individuals are called "insane" for being different and believing in something else. Do you not think that as an individual beings to understand the problems with the world around him that he will eventually separate himself from the world? That he will disconnect with almost everything that the masses believe? In doing so he will become the "insane" one. Not because he is necessarily wrong, no, but rather because he is different. And it is the majority that decides how he shall be treated. They declare him to be insane as they see themselves as the sane ones. Insanity in individuals is rare, but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs, it is the rule.

Just as the Church and the man of God has called himself to be moral, and called the atheist the immoral one, while in actuality being the immoral one. Just as the state and the statist has called himself to be peaceful one, and the anti-statist as the dangerous one, while in actuality being the violent one. So too do the sane declare themselves the sane and all others who disagree with them to be the insane.

I may be insane. I have never said nor claimed to say that the insane are the sane as they themselves may be entirely wrong also. I rather said that the sane are the insane themselves.

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