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Friday, March 4, 2011

Man Down by Dan Abrams

I heard about this new book that was recently released called Man Down. This post is not going to be a book review. Because I did not actually read the book. Nor am I interested in reading the book. Rather I am going to use this book as an example of something which illustrates a point that I have been saying over and over again.

There is a double standard between how women are treated and how men are treated. There is also the double standard between how races are treated, in particular blacks and whites. The double standards is anti-male and anti-white, it is a message that only the male can be a sexist, and it is only the white that can be a racist. Of course, liberals for the most part will always deny this, but I am amazed at what kind of world they are living in to not realize that this is going on around them.

You hear in a news story about two white kids beating on a black kid. The reaction of the news is that this is automatically a hate crime. The white kids must have done this because they were racist and were motivated by the KKK. You will start seeing the Al Sharpton's and the Jesse Jackson's of the world appearing the news and talking about what a racist act this was and how terrible this was. We have seen it thousands of times.

Now reserve this story. Say a news story mentions two black kids beating on a white kid. A liberal would never admit that this was motivated by racism. Rather it was just a conflict. It was just a conflict between two people that turned out being black and white.

And I agree. I agree that this story was probably just a conflict where race was just a coincidence. Racism is mostly dead. I know liberals love to repeat that racism is big and alive, but there is no reason to believe in that. There is a black president, there many other blacks that held over high positions recently, so there is no need to assume this anymore. It is just not consistent with what we know of the world. Racism only really exists in old people. But who even cares what old people think anyway, they are old and stupid who are going to die soon. Therefore, if two teens fight with one another and they happened to be opposite colors, it is much more likely that it was just a teenage conflict that they often have amongst themselves.

But what I do not agree with is the double standard. When a black teen beats on a white teen that is a just a conflict (which is probably true as I said). But when a white teen beats on a black teen that must be racism and hatred. For many liberals racism is a one way street.

Want another example of a double standard? When people carried signs of George Bush comparing him to a monkey there was no outrage. When a newspaper referenced a bill by Barak as being written by monkeys (which is even less lenient than comparing George to a monkey) it was a bit controversy.

The same exact double standard exists with regard to women and men.

I have no problem at all when anyone saying "women are better than men". It is probably true if measured as a statistical average. I am not sure why that is something to be proud of. Men are dumb pathetic selfish meatbags, but women are too, just a bit morally better. How is that a compliment to be better than a man? It is like finding out you have syphilis instead of AIDS, sure syphilis is not as bad, but it still sucks. Anyway, let me get back on topic.

But my problem is the double standard. So when I say that women on the average suck at math because mathematical abilities require a high end on the intelligence distribution and women have a lower standard deviation than men, that this statement would not be interpreted as a sexist statement. If a woman says something about a man, that is acceptable. When a man says something about a woman, it must be because he is sexist. Sexism is a one way street.

That is my problem. I want this double standard to end. I want both men and women putting down each other without being concerned about whether they are sexist or not.

This book by Abrams illustrates the problem. A book on Man Down is perfectly acceptable and nobody will ever think of Abrams as a sexist. But if such a book was called Woman Down then Abrams would probably be fired from his job for being a sexist.

If Larry Summers was Louis Summers and Louis was a female professor that said something about men, even if it was nasty, nothing would have happened to her. But Larry, being a man, and making an honest observation about women in science, must have been a sexist because he is, oh my Science, a man.

There are female professors whose entire careers are putting down men. They are called feminists. Again, I got no problem with them putting down men. My problem is that a man says something that they start crying their own eyes and want to silence him. This is a double standard.

There is a double standard that exists between normal people and retarded people. If a retard called a normal person "retarded" then nobody would ever object or get offended. But if a normal person called a retard a "retard", then people would get all offended and say that is an inappropriate thing to say (I myself am not sure why that would be inappropriate, the retard does not understand the insult anyway, he is retarded, so why should it matter?). There the double standard is obvious. But why should women be a protected species? If they are equal to men then they need to be treated the same way men are treated, not like little children. It is much more acceptable for women to say bad things about men, and not at all acceptable for a man to say even reasonable things about women. Women are not retards and they are not children. It is about time they get treated the same way as everybody else, stop giving them this special treatment.


  1. I did not know about this Larry Summers business. It's really horrible.

  2. I agree that the book is sexist and I belive Abrams as a gay man associates more with women then men and that is why I think he wrote the book. Double standard does exist in this country. I notice it's ok to bash Christians but not Jews and in most cases Muslims. I don't agree that racism is dead. Having a black president and blacks in high positions doesn't mean the average black person still doesn't experience it.

  3. "I agree that the book is sexist.":

    I did not say the book is sexist. I never read it to know that. If Abrams made the argument that women are better than men because that is what all the numbers show, then that is not sexism, that is just pursuing the truth. My problem was different, my problem was the double standard if Abrams wrote a similar book Woman Down he would have been called a sexist. One is okay and the other is not.

    "Abrams as a gay man.":

    He is not gay, where did you pull that out off?

    "I notice it's ok to bash Christians but not Jews.":

    If you bash Jews then you would probably be called an anti-Semite. This is what happened with Hellen Thomas, or whatever her name is.

    "I don't agree that racism is dead.":

    I said it is mostly dead. You still have some people who are racist. But guess what you have some blacks who are racist against whites. Most of would be fine with the statement that white people are not generally victims of racism. Maybe racism is more noticable in other locations, but it is not really noticable in New York.