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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Right About Everything

I am sure there are people who would react to my arrogant personality by saying that, "you think you are right about everything". I agree, I do think I am right about everything. In fact, you probably think you are right about everything. Indeed, if I did not think I was correct about a certain position then I will change accordingly. The fact that I am stable and unchanging in this particular moment in time means I am currently satisfied with every single belief that I have. And so I do think I am correct about everything. If you can make me doubt something and change to a new position then in my newly accepted position I will think I am right about everything.

I do not think I will end up being correct about everything. I have noticed a lot of mistakes that I have made in regard to many questions. The overwhelming chances is that I will very soon discover another mistake that I made and have to change accordingly. However, in the time being I do not see any mistakes in anything that I belief, and so because of that do think I am correct about everything. I am not very certain about that position, very little certainty, but as far as what I think, yes, I do think I am correct.

And this kind of attitude is perfectly okay. Each one of us who thinks rationally argues with others as we think we are correct and others are wrong. We are convinced of what we belief, so that is all okay. As long as we are willing to change our beliefs when they start to fall apart then it is completely acceptable to insist that we are correct about everything.


  1. I think the problem with you is that you think you're right on things that you don't even know much about. Obviously, we all think we're right about things, but when I don't know much about a subject I'll admit I don't know much about it, and if I do have an opinion about it, I hold that opinion tentatively. You seem to form very strong opinions on subjects you know little about (sex, relationships, liberals, etc.) and your confidence is disproportionate to your knowledge.

  2. You are right about everything except that I do not admit that I do not know. If you read anything that I write carefully you will once in a way come across a confession that I do not know. So this one part is not true.